At the moment, Republicans in D.C. are delirious! They have finally found a public concern surrounding Obamacare and are getting “traction” in the media.

What, pray tell, is the momentous nature of this concern? The website doesn’t work very well.

Well, this scenario is perfect, isn’t it? Even the dumbest voter in the country can click on a website! And even that voter’s friends and family know that when you click on a website – it ought to do something – even if it only steals your personal information. Otherwise, what’s the point?

So get ready! Here comes the pitch for the Republicans in 2014: Obviously you wouldn’t trust the political party that produced that awful website to govern you for the next two or four years … would you? Not somebody as smart as you!

Here’s why it’s perfect: All the Republicans need to do is replace their own websites with “404 Not Found” pages! That will remind voters of how stupid and incompetent the people who produced that awful, terrible, horrible Obamacare government website are. (Except by then the Obamacare website will be fixed and working just fine. There just won’t be any doctors to see after you buy your insurance.)

Unfortunately, this satirical solution will probably be taken seriously by the upper echelons of Brand-R’s political families. I can see it now: Republican candidates going door-to-door, passing out campaign materials that urge voters to visit their websites for more information. And when the visitors arrive? “404 Not Found”

Really, folks: It wouldn’t surprise me.

Here is why the Republicans are delusional: They have had two years of the previous Obamacare administration and coming up on two years of the present Obamacare administration to put their foot down on its neck and end its pathetic existence.

Republican “leadership” could demand a line-item budget so “we the people” might know how our money is being spent. They haven’t.

They could demand that congressional staffers and government employees be forced onto the public “exchanges,” but they haven’t.

They could have condemned police action that shot to death an unarmed, panicked black woman in her car in front of her toddler daughter. Instead, they gave the police a standing ovation in Congress. With all the steel-reinforced concrete barriers that now separate us from “our” government, this woman could have been driving an M1 Abrams tank and not been a threat to a single one of them.

Republicans could demand an end to NSA’s illegal espionage against American citizens, their telephone calls, emails, faxes and probably dreams (assuming there are any of the latter remaining). They could say “no” to 30,000 surveillance drones clogging the skies and backyards of America in the next few years, but they haven’t.

Finally, they could have asked “the folks back home” why their approval ratings have reached single-digit levels. But they don’t seem to care.

Do you know why?

Because both Republicans and Democrats want just one thing: to be put in charge of how they spend your money for the two years following an election. They want to spend your money in secret with no budgets or line items, so we can’t figure out who they are paying off after that last election.

D.C. is now the richest metro area in the nation. Yet its only product is pain and suffering for the rest of the nation. And you can bet that nobody who lives in D.C. or owns property there is going to cut back government spending anytime before hell opens its first skating rink. The only disagreements are on how much government should grow each year, and who gets the money.

You want honesty and transparency in government? Move the nation’s capital to Detroit. That’s where we are. The promises that have been made can’t be kept. And the money that has been borrowed will never be repaid. The national bankruptcy just hasn’t been filed yet.

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