WND-TV announces a new series titled “Survival Tips,” featuring practical information about preparing for natural or political disasters – without suggesting you dig up and eat strange insects.

Unlike other programs that portray extreme wilderness skills or paranoid people who live in a bunker, Survival Tips shows how urbanites can prepare for likely emergencies without disrupting real life. Each weekly video will focus on a specific topic such as selecting an emergency food stock, hiding valuables in your home or assembling a first aid kit for your vehicle.

The series is produced by Manny Edwards (a.k.a. “SnoMan”), who runs the Survival News Online blog and explains the field of emergency preparedness ranges from the mundane – changing a flat tire – to the life-threatening natural disasters we see every year.

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“We’re going to cover everything about preparing for emergencies,” says Edwards. “The most basic skills involve calculating how much food and water you need to store, but we’re going to drill deeper too. We’ll look at hiding and recovering survival caches, gun safety, land navigation, bushcraft and so on.”

Just don’t call him a survivalist. In the never-ending onslaught of political correctness, “survivalist” has acquired a negative connotation.

“It’s almost as bad as saying ‘mankind’ in reference to people in general,” he says with evident sarcasm. “These days ‘survivalist’ is way too violent-sounding. I’m going for a kinder, gentler, more sensitive term. I don’t just want to survive doomsday. I want to thrive. Call me a thrivalist.”

How about “prepper?” He shrugs. “Sure.”

Edwards also deflects comparisons to other famous survivalists:

  • Bear Grylls (“Man vs. Wild”): “I don’t jump out of helicopters,” says Edwards.
  • Cody Lundin (“Dual Survival”): “I wear shoes.”
  • Les Stroud (“Survivorman”): “I refuse to carry all those cameras.”

Watch the first episode of Survival Tips now!

All kidding aside, Survival Tips will provide a far more usable range of information. While certainly entertaining, those other shows focus almost exclusively on bushcraft skills that most people will never put into practice in emergency situations.

The content of Survival Tips is in some ways similar “Doomsday Preppers,” but while that show illustrates the extreme prepper, Edwards focuses his show on eminently practical ways to prepare – without selling the house and moving into a bunker.

“Most people can’t be ‘Doomsday Preppers,'” he says. “It makes no sense to vacate real life in order to prepare for a contingency. We have jobs, mortgages, church on Sundays. But it does make sense to be self-reliant. You don’t want your kids to starve if a blizzard keeps you from sending them to school for lunch. I’ll show you how to incorporate common-sense prep into your daily urban or suburban routine without disrupting real life.”

As if to prove the point that emergency preparedness is accessible to anyone, Edwards stresses that he is not a trained survivalist; he is a lawyer, real estate agent and film producer: “I’m just teaching methodically what our grandparents practiced as a way of life. They didn’t have a term for it. They just lived it. They didn’t have electricity when they were young, so a power outage was only mildly inconvenient. You just need that same kind of flexibility in case the next ice storm takes out the power in your neighborhood.”

Watch the first episode of Survival Tips now!

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