Conservative Republicans and the tea party apparently have no place in the Empire State, and its governor is confused as to who we are.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week let loose on conservatives, stating they “have no place in New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.” Why were conservatives given the boot? Well, according to the liberal governor, conservatives happen to be too extreme, too right of the aisle on abortion, guns and gays for New Yorkers.

This is so very interesting because New York boasts a reputation of being the foremost melting pot in the world when it comes to ethnicities, ideologies and beliefs, etc. New Yorkers’ ebb and flow cascades to a drumbeat all its own, comprised of whichever way one decides to roll. There are no stigmas in New York, no system of how life is lived. New York is THE hub for self-expression, individualism and distinctiveness.

That is, unless you happen to be conservative; then it’s a game changer. In New York, conservatives are ostracized, marginalized and victimized. Conservatives are leprous; shun them. Don’t let them infiltrate the populace like NYC rats. They’re diseased. Eradicate them.

Cuomo’s over-the-top trash-talk verbally threw conservatives out of New York and also presumed to represent all New Yorkers. Cuomo let his constituents know that not only does he want conservatives to hightail it out of his state, but he also expects New Yorkers to fall in line with his politics and wholly espouse abortion rights, anti-gun legislation and a pro-homosexual agenda. Cuomo assumes that all New Yorkers think and feel the way he does, hands down. (So much for individual expression.)

Cuomo has virtually reduced a legendary, fiercely independent New York state of mind down to hate-on-and-get-rid-of-conservatives liberal groupthink. Hard to believe given the nature of New Yorkers, who typically refuse anyone to corral them into any stigmatized mold whatsoever. I know; I’m originally from New York. Liberal or conservative notwithstanding, New Yorkers are hardly a people who require categorization. Even if they become one with the liberal masses, New Yorkers characteristically do so on their own terms. However, over time, the damaging effects of liberal politics upon the minds of its aficionados cause even the staunchest rebels of groupthink to surrender to its dogma, casting aside reasonable judgment, respect and thoughtful consideration of others. It’s their way or the subway. Hostel’s closed; begone, conservatives.

An exasperated Cuomo also wants to know, “Who are they?”

Well, Governor, since you asked …

Conservatives are We the People. Conservatives fight to preserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Conservatives think and align with social, ethical and political issues that undergird the accepted American way of life that has been realized by millions of people. In fact, because of such principles, America has proven to be a beacon of hope for generations.

Conservatives defend, not strip down, our military. We also plead with our leaders – on both sides of the aisle – to protect our borders and safeguard our land. We don’t mindlessly toe the line with politicians; we speak our convictions and hold our representatives accountable in accordance with constitutional principles. And while we recognize that everyone does not and will not agree with our standards – and vice versa – we reserve the right to be respected for that very reason alone. That is what makes America the bastion of liberty and freedom; she is not the suppressor of her own people.

Conservatives are patriots. Ironically, patriotism has considerable annals in the Empire State. Much bloodshed in the name of freedom and liberty as well as important battles of the Revolutionary War occurred in New York. The “New York Freedom Trail” shines light on significant, albeit less deeply ingrained history that forever binds New York with patriotism:

“New York’s revolutionary heritage includes the first bloodshed of the struggle for liberty, the earliest Congress of the colonies, the largest battle of the revolution and its most famous martyr, Nathan Hale. New York witnessed the establishment of the Constitution, the inauguration of Washington and the adoption of the Bill of Rights.”

Gov. Cuomo is immersed in a debased New York state of mind. He rants and throws his political weight around in an attempt to discourage conservatives from standing their ground in the face of opposition in their home state. But Cuomo cannot alter history, which tells the story of New Yorkers who ardently fought against sizable odds from those who threatened their freedoms and unalienable rights, God-given rights to be exact. Therefore, no man can seize them, alter them, or ignore them. In fact, those very rights cause flagrant liberals like Cuomo to brazenly challenge those who champion unchallengeable privileges. It’s a lost cause, Governor.

Patriots secured New York’s freedom, not proponents of death in the womb. Patriots – armed patriots – shed their blood and fought for the right to bear arms to protect their families, not to go on civilian shooting sprees. Patriots fought for the pursuit of happiness, not for society and politicians to dictate and legislate against their moral beliefs in the name of tolerance.


We were patriots then, and we are patriots now.

That’s who we are, Gov. Cuomo.

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