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Americans surrounded by stupidity

Commentators often use their last column of the year, or the first of the New Year, to summarize what’s happened, the 10 best or worst, or anticipate for the upcoming 12 months.

I’ve never done that but decided, rather than focus on one issue this week – oh, there are so many – I would take the opportunity to vent.

Got that? Vent!

Hosting talk radio lets me do that regularly, and since I’m celebrating my 18th year doing this specific KSFO program – not counting my many other years on that station and others – I know from venting!

Truth be known, this world, and especially our country, is racked with inconsistencies, stupidity and outright lies.

It’s enough to drive any thinking person crazy and, I admit, there are days when I’m on the edge!

Benjamin Franklin said it best: “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to be stupid.”

We’re so surrounded by stupidity, you wonder why so many people are “unemployed.”

Ben said, you have to work hard to be stupid.

Clearly, these people aren’t working at it, but they are stupid.

I don’t have any special agenda in my gripes and frustrations – just to expose the whole spectrum of our idiocy.

Today, as I write this, the California Supreme Court ruled unanimously that an illegal alien who has passed the bar exam has the right to practice law in California.

By what rationale is it logical that a person who broke the law to be in (and stay in) this country – whether he’s smart or not or whether he “always wanted to be a lawyer” – should be permitted to practice law, which means he must uphold the law and defend people in the courts in this state?

One of Sergio Garcia’s claims is that he was “brought” to this country when he was a minor, 17 months old. With today’s stupidity, this is supposed to give him extra privilege to stay here legally.

Except – he returned to Mexico when he was nine and came back to this country illegally when he was 17.

So there was a point, when he made the decision to be here illegally and that can’t be foisted on his parents.

No matter! The California Supreme Court gave him a free pass, saying illegal immigration is not a crime!

This won’t just affect California. As California goes, so goes the country – or most of it.

This came about because California Gov. Jerry Brown and the Democrat legislature pushed through a bill last year that allows illegals to become lawyers.

The ultimate goal is amnesty for all illegals.

What good is the border? What value is citizenship? What good is the law? What good are rules? What good are politicians who swear to uphold the Constitution but proceed to govern toward their own ideology?

Want a better example?

What about the man in the Oval Office? Barack Obama. He took the oath as “president” – not dictator, tyrant, ruler, king or God – but you’d scarcely know it from what he’s done (and not done) during the first term and now, into his second.

God knows what he’ll cook up over the next two years, but that we aren’t in a major war is a miracle. That this country is still ostensibly solvent is a miracle of legerdemain that is more than unreal.

Look at the betrayals of, and insults to, our allies, the pandering to our enemies, the favoritism to all religions except Christianity.

Obama has inserted his (choose one) progressive, left-leaning, Stalinist, Marxist, tyrannical beliefs into our way of life to a degree that may be impossible to reverse.

The government tells us how and what to teach our children.

It’s destroying the world’s finest health-care system, leaving us to fight with each other, the government, the insurance companies and ultimately our own doctors in an effort to stay or get healthy and not go broke in the process.

Speaking of issues medical – as I write, a 13-year-old girl is on life support following what appears to have been a botched tonsillectomy and sleep apnea surgery at Children’s Hospital in Oakland, Calif.

The hospital says she’s “brain dead.” The hospital spokesman said, “dead – dead – dead” – and wants to remove the life support.

Her mother and family want so try to save her by taking her to another facility for care.

To do that, she’s needs a tracheotomy and a feeding tube.

The hospital refuses to operate on a “dead” body, insisting they have the legal right to withdraw life support.

The courts and lawyers and media are involved, and it’s a tragedy of the first order.

California law is crazy.

Doctor’s will perform hospital abortions because it’s OK to kill a living, healthy human fetus, and they will perform circumcisions on babies with parental agreement.

In fact, California has a specific law that no one has the right to ban circumcisions, even if they want to.

Yet parents don’t have the right to maintain life support, as a last resort, on their own child.

Does anyone ever consider our values? Do we have values?

Then again, we do take some stands: It’s now illegal to make or sell 40 or 60-watt incandescent light bulbs. 75- and 100-watt bulbs are already banned.

The simple, efficient, inexpensive, source of electric light for over a hundred years, suddenly, because of politics, global warming environmental wackos and George W. Bush’s signature, has become illegal.

Never mind that the replacements aren’t as efficient, the illumination is poor by comparison, the cost is higher and the mercury content is toxic.

As you read this, you’re probably indoors because outside temps are below zero and your house is buried in snow in the coldest winter on record, but enviros won’t give up.

Example? The scientists on that Russian shop that went to Antarctic for evidence of warming but spent nearly three weeks locked in ice nearly 20 feet thick.

No surprise that media neglected to mention why they went there.

It spoils the global warming story, don’t ya know.

But, what if our efforts to lessen greenhouse gasses are working and we slow the warming?

But, if we’re actually going into another ice age, our “slowing the (fake) warming” – is really making the cooling happen even faster.

Could that explain this frigid weather?

Government control groupthink has no bounds.

It even controls our toilet flushes.

It’s illegal to install an old-fashioned toilet, which has created a black market in them.

The low-flush monsters waste more water than the old ones, requiring two or three flushes to get the job done, and it’s worse in airports and office buildings where the automatic systems flush even before you start your business; by the time you’re done, they’ve flushed as many as five times!

What a farce our government has become.

What a congregation of clowns we have in Washington, and we put them there.

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