Says Thomas Gage in his recent email to the editor: “For a news website supposedly believing in Jesus and the power of love I’ve never seen so much hate and lies professed and expressed in all sections on a daily basis. It’s breathtaking.”

Wanna know about something that’s even more breathtaking, Tom? Me having to yet again chastise people like you for telling us N-O-T-H-I-N-G as you deride this news site.

If there truly are “hate and lies professed in all sections on a daily basis” at WND, why don’t you and your cohorts ever point it out for us? Tell us precisely where and what the hate is, tell us about the specific lies. If, as you say, both exist, then you should have no problem elaborating … but you don’t. You toss your accusations and run.

Keep it up. I can write a response like this as often as you can make a fool of yourself by getting your unsubstantiated rantings published.

John Babush

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