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Can Rush be toppled from No. 1?

Michael Savage

This week, Dr. Savage’s broadcasting career achieved a new milestone: His show began broadcasting on more stations than ever and switched from an evening timeslot to prime afternoon drive time.

Savage welcomed his new audience and thanked long time listeners for sticking with him (Free audio).

“I’m not a newcomer to this business,” he said on his first show of 2014. “I’ve been around for 20 years as of this March 21st. Before this, The Savage Nation had the third largest audience. My estimation is that, within six months to a year, this show will be the No. 1 show in America.”

David Hinkley profiled Savage in the New York Daily News, as the radio host prepared to take over Sean Hannity’s spot on the city’s prestigious WABC station.

Hinkley wrote, “A typical Savage show will weave through food, travel, music and his dog Teddy as he sorts out the events of the day.”

Rush Limbaugh

Changes were also afoot for Limbaugh, who, like Hannity, has moved from WABC to WOR and shifted to other stations as well.

In his first monologue of the year, he called these moves “monumental” and “a huge thing” (Free audio).

“It may not be much to those of you out there,” Limbaugh said. “I’m giving you inside baseball stuff. But in terms of the inside baseball business aspect, these are big moves, and there’s a lot involved here in the move that I’m not gonna get into. … It wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t what was the best for the EIB Network and for the audience.”

Limbaugh also paid tribute to conservative talk radio pioneer Bob Grant, who passed away at age 84 (Free audio).

Limbaugh remembered Grant as a humble, generous man, who graciously helped Rush when he was first starting out in the radio business.

Aaron Klein

Klein’s listeners called in to vote for the “Top Ten Most Spiked News Stories” of 2013 – the scandals and stories that the mainstream media ignored or covered in a blatantly biased fashion.

A case in point: Klein continued to focus on the Benghazi incident, pointing out the numerous flaws in the New York Times’ highly touted “in depth” article on the event. Klein notes that not only does this piece contradict an earlier one written by the same journalist, but it continues to repeat White House talking points that were discredited months ago (Free audio).

His radio show also experienced a bizarre “tech meltdown” in the middle of Klein’s interview with Larry Klayman, the lawyer who won an injunction against the NSA. Technical difficulties included dropped phone calls and audio interruptions. Coincidence, or something more sinister?

Mark Levin

Levin’s latest book, “The Liberty Amendments,” calls for a constitutional convention centered on Article V of the Constitution, with the aim of granting the states more freedom from federal domination.

However, Michael Lotfi of the Washington Times calls Levin’s proposal misguided, and even dangerous, and proposes nullification as a preferential option.

“Think about it,” Lotfi writes. “The NSA, NDAA, ObamaCare, Patriot Act, EPA, DOE, every war since the 1940s, federal gun laws, etc. are all unconstitutional. These laws and agencies all fly in the face of the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Ninth and Tenth Amendments.”

He continued: “Americans must ask themselves: Is the Constitution ineffective, or do we have a lawless, disobedient federal government? If the answer is the latter, which it is, then Americans should see little refuge in additional amendments, which the lawless, disobedient feds will simply continue to ignore.”

Glenn Beck

Curious about Glenn Beck’s New Year’s resolutions?

Once again, he’s vowing to lose weight. “I say that just about every year,” admitted the radio host, “and, well, the camera speaks for itself – I fail every year.”

“Heading into 2014,” Beck went on, “I’m not going to limit my goals to reigning in my mockable-yet-relatively-insignificant weight fluctuations. Instead, I’m going to consecrate myself and be a better husband, dad and boss.”

Beck stunned some conservatives (and liberals) when he announced this week that he “will stand with GLAAD” against Russia’s “hetero-fascism” (Free audio).

He says he will work with the gay rights group that just targeted the Duck Dynasty clan for “homophobia,” because he opposes what he sees as the former Soviet Union’s persecution of gays and lesbians.