Gov. Chris Christie, and indeed America herself, now find themselves so far along the “bridge to nowhere” in their travels that stopping and turning around is no longer an option. The abyss lies ahead.

Once the taxpayer’s government machinery is turned against them for the personal and financial gain of those in political power, it doesn’t matter where the bridge was supposed to go – the journey is over.

Neither political party seems interested in restoring the rule of law. The Constitution is a doormat used at the White House and Congress, with a plastic-covered (out of respect) copy the Supreme Court justices use at their private entrance to the court.

The Federal Reserve has, during its brief historical tenure, destroyed 97 percent of the purchasing value of the U.S. dollar by diluting it with worthless promises to repay that cannot even be contemplated by anyone not properly infected with Potomac fever.

Big corporations have transferred their wealth to tax-friendly nations, while they raid their research and development budgets to fund ever-increasing lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C. Government contracts are payola expected to be returned to incumbents at the next election. CEO’s annual salaries often exceed the lifetime earnings of engineers and other hard-science people who design and build what the CEO peddles.

“Free” education turns out to have been worth exactly what the recipients (not the taxpayers) have paid for it. They leave school (if they ever attended) more ignorant of their history, culture and civic responsibilities than when they entered. But they sure know which tennis shoes are worth killing for.

The trend continues in colleges and universities. Parents’ wallets and purses are sucked dry, students encouraged to take out loans their future earnings will never likely repay, for worthless degrees in victimhood. The hard sciences, meanwhile, are filled with students from India, Pakistan, China and a host of other nations. Their diploma is the green immigration card. American students return with their diploma and student loan balance to live at home with their parents. Their options? Unemployment, underemployment, or go back to school and get another degree while they wait for the economy to improve.

Hardworking immigrants have flooded through the porous borders and work “off the books,” except when it comes to receiving welfare benefits, hospital care and citizenship for their children. The elites, safely in their gated enclaves, think this will save America from the nightmare underclass growing in the cities.

Natural resources are squandered and placed off-limits to economic development by bureaucrats as corrupt as their political masters, who think tax money is unlimited – and since the economy in D.C. is fine, it is in the rest of the country, too.

Over three years ago, I wrote in “Absolute security – and then you die” that:

“Back in my more cosmopolitan days (the city, not the magazine), I developed a theory about how much government intrusion people would tolerate, based on the length of the traffic commute. My theory was, if you could force people to accept a two-hour commute for what was essentially a 30-minute drive, there really was no limit to what government could do to them.

“I always assumed that in a sane society, road officials who took tax money for roads but never built any to relieve congestion would at some point be dragged from their posh offices and beaten in the street with dilapidated bicycle parts. Alas, I was wrong, and the money is still spent on everything but new roads.”

The bridge to nowhere. The traffic is always light. And it’s easy to pass and move on ahead.

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