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Dems should expose Obama fraud

Joseph: I’m an “old birther”; I do not believe BHO is constitutionally eligible to be president. Even if he WAS born in Hawaii, his mother renounced her U.S. citizenship when she married Soetero and moved to Indonesia. Under U.S. law, when a parent of a minor child renounces citizenship, the child also loses his. Therefore, little Barry lost his U.S. citizenship. When did regain it? If he did at some time regain citizenship, is he once again a “natural born” citizen, or a naturalized citizen?

The birth certificate BHO produced has been shown to be a forgery, a fake.

Faced with Americans’ outrage over what the Democrats have done and how Obama is shredding the Constitution, 2014 elections have been forecast as a debacle for their party. One way they could bail themselves out is by exposing Obama’s fraud and disqualifying him.

That fraud is as deeply hidden by top Democrats as they possibly can. Bill Clinton knows it, which is why Obama did not choose Hillary as his VP. The Clintons would have wasted no time in publicizing the fraud, prying Obama from office and elevating Hillary to the presidency. The Clintons know better than to expose the fraud now as it would hurt the Democratic Party and not help Hillary at this point in time; that’s why they have kept quiet.

Pray that He Who Hath Helped America in the past will once again come to our aid.

Joseph Rush Wills II