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Don't squander debt limit opportunity, again

Is there a difference between the Democratic Party establishment and the Republican Party establishment?

Do Republicans really want to return to the constitutional principle of limited government?

Why do we have to wait for a Republican majority in 2015 before using the power that control of one house affords the GOP?

Will Republicans deserve majorities in both houses if they sit on their hands until it is given to them?

These are the questions going through the minds of many as Republicans squander the opportunities they have with control of the House of Representatives – a fact of life the establishments of both parties would sooner ignore.

The best hope we have for saving the country from destruction under Barack Obama, at least in the short term, is for Republicans to live up to their rhetoric and start acting like an opposition party with actual power.

Another of many opportunities to do that is coming up once again when the debt limit will force one of two outcomes:

What no one seems to talk about is the fact that House Republicans have the absolute power and authority to freeze the debt limit – a decision that would propel them to victory in the midterm elections as well as take the biggest step in American history to constitutionally limited government.

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Recently, House Speaker John Boehner acknowledged he knew about the Constitution. He could prove that to a skeptical America by acting like he has read it.

But Boehner has been part of the problem, not part of the solution since he took over the speakership from Nancy Pelosi – an achievement he owes entirely to the tea-party movement he has been at war with ever since.

He could put all that behind him by freeing his House Republicans to vote their conscience on the debt limit question that will be before them next month or in early March. Instead, Boehner has already signaled he is committed to business as usual and borrowing as usual.

Just last October, Boehner’s House passed legislation that suspended the debt ceiling until Feb. 7. Last week he completely obfuscated the issue before the Congress by saying: “Listen, I don’t have an estimate of when we’re going to reach the debt limit. All I know is that we should not default on our debt. We should not even get close to it.”

We all understand why Barack Obama and Democrats link increases in the debt limit with the possibility of default. They do so because it is literally the only excuse they can find to continue to borrow without restraint. But why does Boehner do it?

There is no link between a borrowing freeze and a default on the debt – except in the imaginations of politicians in Washington.

The dirty little secret of both parties is this: There’s plenty of money in Washington to pay the interest on the debt to avoid default. Obama simply threatens not to prioritize spending, and the Republicans cave into his threat to avoid getting blamed.

How many times can America afford to play this game?

Someday soon, if this behavior continues, the interest on the debt will indeed consume too much money to pay off. Then what?

This is a debate no one is having in Congress, no one is having in government, no one is having among pundits, no one is having in the media. Everyone just keeps focusing on crisis management with no look to the future – and with no concern for right or wrong.

Would you like to be part of the solution?

Would you like to at least try?

Would you like to deliver a wake-up call to Washington?

Would you like to give Republicans one more chance to distinguish themselves from Democrats?

Would you like to put Boehner on the spot and create enough pressure within his House Republican Caucus to force him to capitulate to conservatives rather than Democrats?

There is a way.

It’s called the “No More Red Ink Campaign.” It’s very simple. It empowers you and Americans from coast to coast to deliver a simple message to freeze the debt limit, to stop Obamacare by defunding it, to end wasteful and unconstitutional programs fueled only by borrowing from the next generation.

House Republicans and House Republicans alone can do this. But they need to hear from you in massive numbers.

So far we have delivered more than 1.5 million such messages. Would you be willing to take one minute to make your voice heard on this matter of life and death for the future of our country?

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