Michael Savage

“What if the large influx of Muslims is God’s way of saving the West from itself?”

That was Dr. Savage’s provocative question at the top of the week. He was reflecting on the decadent international craze called “No Pants Day,” when subway passengers travel half-dressed.

“Normally I wouldn’t even talk about this,” Savage said, “but in the midst of [the prank] this time, a Muslim woman in Brussels, wearing a headscarf, held up a sign that said, ‘Pardon my dignity.’ She was quietly protesting No Pants Day on Brussels’ public transportation. Remember: Nature abhors a vacuum. As the West declines farther and farther into the abyss of degeneracy and stupidity, the Muslims are filling the void” (Free audio).

Savage then turned his attention to Jewish voters, expressing disbelief that so many of them continue to support Obama and the Democrats, especially in light of the administration’s potentially deadly deal with Iran (Free audio).

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh called rock star Bruce Springsteen a “low-rent character” for turning on his longtime fan, fellow New Jersey native Gov. Chris Christie.

“Governor Christie loves this guy,” Limbaugh pointed out. “It’s 127 different concerts he’s attended, and he’s mocked, he’s made fun of. He can’t be a real fan because he’s a Republican. You can only be a real fan and friend to somebody like Springsteen if you’re a Democrat, and even then for only as long as they can use you. … Why this isn’t seen by people is beyond me” (Free audio).

At the Daily Caller, Matt K. Lewis used Limbaugh’s other remarks on the Christie scandal to make the case for increased “tribalism in politics.”

Limbaugh exhorted Republicans to act like Democrats and loyally defend Christie in his time of need.

“What’s the lesson here?” asked Lewis. “If you want to run for office – or just write about politics – it’s smart to join a gang, kids.”

Aaron Klein

Investigative broadcaster Aaron Klein has obtained leaked information detailing Obama’s plans for his final years in office.

The Israel-based radio host also reviewed the legacy of late prime minister Ariel Sharon. Other topics include a profile of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s radical education advisor and the troubling background of one incoming Department of Justice official. Finally, guest Sen. Jim Inhofe talked to Klein and his audience about the revelations in William Gates’ memoir, the “global warming” crusade and more (Free audio).

Mark Levin

Levin compared Obama to a “dictator” this week, after the president declared his willingness to use executive orders to pass laws in spite of congressional opposition: “And he’ll rewrite laws that he wants to rewrite like Obamacare and so forth. This is the mindset and the language that dictators have. He assumes to speak for everybody. He is above politics, he is God’s gift. He was put on Earth to do just this. … I say you are witnessing a gradual yet quiet coup.” (Free audio).

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee wants Republicans to stop using the word “RINO” – “Republican in name only” – to describe politicians with shaky conservative values. Levin refuses to play along, saying that only “RINOS are the ones who don’t like the word ‘RINO'” (Free audio).

Laura Ingraham

“I’m still a great fan of Christie,” Gov. Paul LePage, R-Maine, told Ingraham early this week. In fact, he added that he would support Christie on the Republican presidential ticket in 2016 (Free audio).

Ingraham’s other guests included Marco Rubio, Chuck Todd and Ron Fournier.

Glenn Beck

After a writer for LA Weekly called the new movie “Lone Survivor” a “jingoistic snuff film,” an outraged Beck offered her the chance to meet the film’s real life Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell, face to face.

“I mean this sincerely – I will fly you first class,” Beck said. “I will put you up at the Four Seasons. … You will dine on the finest possible food, and you will come in here and you will sit down and speak these words to Marcus Luttrell. If you have the [courage] to say what you just said to Marcus Luttrell and back it up, go for it.

“She has no idea what a hero is,” he added. “She has no idea what bravery is. Should be an interesting broadcast, should [she] decide to take us up” (Free video).

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