Dear Mr. Farah,

I just finished reading your excellent column, “2014 years since what?”

You state, “In fact, in the nearly 60 years I have been alive, I’ve never seen anyone in public life make the point I am attempting to drive home today – that Jesus, or Yeshua, as He was known to his Hebrew brethren, is the one and only life in the history of mankind that changed everything – even the way we count the years going by.”

Mostly correct. However, I will add here that Phil Robertson – yep, the Duck Commander himself – has for several years now included this point in his sermons and speeches.

At one point he hammered A&E over this same exact concept because A&E was editing out Jesus in their dinner prayers. He asked them why they would edit out the name of the individual that we all, including A&E, tell time by.

Keep up the good work.

Charles Larson

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