A debate over divine creation and evolution is about far more than just two beliefs about how humans came to be, according to Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis.

He’s one-half of the draw for a debate scheduled Feb. 4 at the 900-seat Legacy Hall at the Creation Museum operated by Ham’s organization in Petersburg, Ky., near Cincinnati.

The other half is Bill Nye, who made a career on television as the “Science Guy.”

The arguments really will be about the “battle of world views, secular humanism and the Christian world view,” Ham told WND in an interview Wednesday.

“I think it’s all come together at this time … and is seen by a lot of people not just as evolution vs. creation, but really more a battle of secular philosophy vs. conservative Christianity.”

He said the battle is playing out in many ways today – in textbooks that promote evolution, in the banning of anything “Christian” in public Christmas displays, in what children can say in schools and in what local governments can allow on public land.

Much is at stake, Ham said.

“I don’t look on it as just defending my position,” he said. “It’s more showing that Christians can be bold in standing up, saying there is a God, the Bible is God’s word, morality comes from the Bible.”

He said there are “headwinds” today in American to Christianity. But there also is a “large remnant” who really “don’t want the government forcing on the nation” its own religion.

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Ham said when he was younger, atheists were ardent secularists but allowed Christians to believe the way they chose.

“These days, you’re finding them more aggressive, not against just creationism, but against people who believe in God. They call the Bible an outdated book. God is an ogre, if there is a God,” he said. “There’s all sorts of statements and name-calling.”

WND requests for comment to Bill Nye, whose website describes him as “scientist, engineer, comedian, author, and inventor,” went unanswered.

As WND reported, tickets for the event sold out in two minutes.

And you now can order “Uncensored Science: Bill Nye debates Ken Ham,” a DVD that will be available after the debate.

The question being posed to Nye and Ham: “Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?”

Nye is the former host of the popular PBS program “Bill Nye the Science Guy,’ which originally aired from 1993 to 1998.

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Nye, now executive director of the Planetary Society, frequently appears on television and radio. He has declared that teaching creationism is bad for children and that creationists shouldn’t oppose the teaching of evolution.

Ham is part of an effort that will begin construction soon on a full-size Noah’s Ark.

Ham’s books include “Already Compromised,” “Already Gone” and “How do We Know the Bible is True?”

He’s heard daily on his radio show, “Answers … with Ken Ham,” and he has appeared on the CBS News program “Sunday Morning,” “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams” and “PBS NewsHour.”

In his appearances, Ham addresses from a biblical perspective some of the hot-button topics of today, such as the trustworthiness of the Bible, how someone can know there is a God and why suffering exists.

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