If we assume for a moment that America’s financial bankruptcy will follow its moral bankruptcy, then what is the future of politics?

The current level of political debate in the nation does nothing other than sell a few mouse clicks for advertisers. The headlines on both sides of the debate are misleading; the stories that follow almost always disappointing.

Americans have had since the 2007 economic bubble burst to look around their neighborhoods and (for the lucky ones) workplaces, and compare what they see with what government statistics tell them is happening. Doubt about one’s observations will persist for a time in the face of relentless government statistics to the contrary.

But when government is caught in lie after lie after lie about things that matter to people in daily life, goodwill evaporates. At some point, a majority of people begin thinking, “Hum, maybe I really should believe my ‘lying eyes.'”

The federal government now works – that is to say, functions – for only one place in the nation: Washington, D.C. That is because the political elite have conspired with the financial elite to isolate themselves from the rest of America.

  • Public schools stink? Oh, well, I send my kids to private schools.
  • Crime is a problem in America? Well, only if you live outside the gated, government community.
  • Taxes are stifling employment? Well government is hiring; move to D.C.
  • You think government spends too much? Just think how much worse things will be if we stop!
  • You’re worried about health care and privacy? We’re exempt from the mandates and have our own system. Privacy, what is that? With drones, we can watch you in real time in your backyard.

The Democrats long ago decided to go down this road and have never looked back. Do the Republicans offer an alternative?

  • Well, the NSA has to spy on everyone, because one of you might be a terrorist. We support the mass collection of everything we can get our hands on.
  • The Obamacare website crashed. You should have hired better contractors.
  • Yes, the TSA is a national police force, and, yeah, we’ve always wanted one. So there, what are you gonna do about it?

If we had a real choice, the Republicans would be articulating their vision. Come to think of it, they are. Their vision is that come the next election, they be given the levers of power to tax and spend us into oblivion. Don’t let the Democrats do it all the time!

What would a real opposition look like?

  • NSA was a Cold War institution. It never had a charter to spy domestically. That is a clear violation of the Constitution. We support the rule of law. Not one penny of money until you conform to the Constitution and rule of law.
  • Obamacare is a corrupt, incompetent disgrace! It is riddled with politically expedient exceptions. It is an affront to the rule of law. We will not allocate one penny of taxpayer money to implement it. We support less bureaucracy and a free-market solution.
  • The price for airline security belongs in the ticket price of commercial flights. It is the airline’s responsibility. Life is inherently risky. You should choose an airline based on the level of security you are comfortable with.

Having a real alternative to big government, big taxation and big corruption might make politics worth the surges in blood pressure that accompany political discussions, and the incessant pleas for more money at election time, which always seem to arrive over dinner. Having the same outcome regardless of who you elect does not.

Big media long ago made the transition from national watchdog to elitist lapdog. Their intent for many years now has been to preserve the existing power structure. They have never looked back. Every two years, they receive election-year windfalls (with no windfall profit tax), courtesy of the rest of us poor fools in the country who think an election is actually going to change something.

Term limits? Of course it would have worked! That’s why we had to get rid of it.

Given all this, why do we even have politics?

Maybe it is like football. Both teams want to win, so they keep playing the same old game. If you want something different, you have to change the channel. Is that what is coming for politics?

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