(Philadelphia Inquirer) Should killing Bigfoot be a crime?

Although it is in a couple of Washington counties, that’s not the case in Texas, where an 8-foot shaggy beast was supposedly bagged in some San Antonio woods by Sasquatch hunter Rick Dyer.

“You don’t need a hunting license to kill something that doesn’t exist,” said Mike Cox, a spokesman for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

San Antonio police declined to comment.

Dyer, though, has commented plenty, after a recent release of photos snared attention across the media. He said he nailed Walmart pork ribs to a tree to lure a couple of Sasquatch, one of which he shot and killed in September 2012. He promises that scientific proof, including DNA results and autopsy video, will finally be unveiled on Feb. 9, at a news conference with a Washington university.

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