I want to know if you have considered the impact of some of the stories you do on black people in America.

I have had a problem with the majority of the pieces that you do as they seem to put flames to the racial divide that has always been a part of this country. I am not saying that there is not a problem with a lot of what some black people are doing, but that is not the whole. We do not all feel the same way, nor do we all have hatred for white America. We do not all hate America, nor did all of us vote for Obama.

It would look to me like most of the stories you do on what’s going on in black America are negative and put us all into one pot. It’s like most people that come here from other countries think that all black people are drug abusers and criminals, because that is what is on the news. Now we know that just is not correct.

I think that the more I see the negative stuff you put out, more concerned I get because if things go left with the unraveling of this country, as it has been going, where does that put us Americans that love our country and have a great appreciation for our Constitution and way of life? In no man’s land without a country, or most of its white citizens thinking we are all a bunch of thugs, ready to shoot us down in the streets. What of those of us that have white wives withe kids? What chance do we have?

I think my concerns are valid, and I don’t think that I am the only one who feels this way. I would just ask you to consider what you are putting out there and how it could affect people of color – people who have more in common with you than you know.

Gene Wilkins

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