Where in the U.S. Constitution does it say President Obama can use our tax dollars ($80 million) for California to hire Richard Simmons to market Obamacare to con young people into funding his failed program?

First, that $80 million brought us “Pajama Boy.”

But this skinny nerd in his PJs telling millennials to pay for old guys’ Viagra didn’t fly.  Millennials were content with their inexpensive catastrophic insurance (medical savings accounts), and have no need for regular prostate checks, mammograms, stress tests or colonoscopies. Why should they have to pay for them?

Generational parenting psychology 

Some of this is generational. The World War II generation doted over their children, because many of them had seen the Great Depression. They wanted better for their children, so they tried to give them everything. They created the literal “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” and handed it to their Baby Boomers, who enjoyed it.

They ate and they drank. They didn’t always pay their bills, and they didn’t teach their children to do so, either. The Baby Boomers gave birth to the Gen Xers, who are having children now. The problem is human nature. The Baby Boomers and their Gen Xers sat on cruise control most of their lives, as the eager hogs of destruction in media and culture ate away everything their grandparents had worked so hard to give them – namely, freedom and courage.

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Gen Xers had what they needed growing up, but they had no idea how they got it. Gen X and their children, the Millennials, elected Barack Obama. This formula resulted in the great-grandchildren of the Greatest Generation getting stuck with the bill for their Baby Boomers, who are like the spoiled child with a trust who can’t appreciate anything. They stood by distracted while Hollywood tore down men and glorified world peace and transvestites. Then Hollywood joined forces with the D.C. beltway and planned the final knife in the back of America – undermining the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

It all sounded so good in the name of tolerance, but it doesn’t do much when the country is faced with an enemy, and homes raised by single parents are lying in ruin at the feet of this once great nation. The saddest part of all might be that in one administration, this president and his cronies have taken the hard-earned “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” and turned it into “The Land of the Enslaved Effeminates and the Home of the Cowards.”

They don’t recognize tyranny even when their government is handing down edicts to enslave them. They have no motivation or courage to stand up to what has happened because they are too distracted with “Bread and Circus.”

It’s classic.

The Greatest Generation never thought its work would be so taken for granted. The Baby Boomers just wanted to jitterbug and smoke Marlboros. Their parents did so much for them that they knew how to do little for themselves, so they gave the “whatever” attitude to their Gen X children, who had no clue how to raise God-fearing children who appreciate the Constitution that their grandparents fought and died to protect. Hell, they couldn’t even have a conversation with them, let alone understand their passion for God and country. The road to this hell was paved with the Greatest Generation’s best intentions to give their children and grandchildren everything.

Enter Richard Simmons

First they paraded the nightmare-provoking “Pajama Boy” stalking us and telling us, “Get covered!”

“Let me cover you” – ugh, no thanks!

Now they go to Richard Simmons? He appeals to Millennials how? An old man twerking to “I Will Survive”? Can you imagine other countries trying to understand what has happened in America?

Since Covered California has $80 million to spend to get Millennials to sign up for Obamacare, every other commercial on TV and radio now is for Covered California. It’s embarrassing. All of the Millennials I know are outraged that they are presumed to be idiots who will fall for anything.

We thought Obamacare had stooped as low as it could go, spending half-a-billion dollars of taxpayer money on one big failed website, but no! They have hit an all-time low! Homo-erotic twerking – this makes Miley Cyrus look like Mary Poppins!

They take the immediate gratification era, in which people love to eat chips while playing video games, then drink Red Bull to get through the night, and give them a six-hour infomercial led by a questionably stable Baby Boomer with a fro in red tights?

Oh, maybe Richard Simmons is the one they put in charge of building the website! Now it is all making sense!

Poor taxpayers! Couldn’t that $80 million have just gone to the Millennials to go ahead and solidly bribe them to enroll? It might have been a tidier investment.

The fact of the matter is that young people might be naïve, but they feel it just as much when you kick them in the wallet. A rate of $5,200 a year for the silver plan to subsidize old guys like Richard Simmons is going to wake a sleeping giant. And the left might just get a very rude awakening!

Sometimes in life we look into a mirror, and, in a moment, we see what we have never seen and we are horrified with what we are and where we are going. This might be one of those moments.

How have we gone from John Wayne to Richard Simmons? How is it that even California Gov. Jerry Brown, born into the generation between the Greatest and the Boomers, when handed $80 million, thinks a six-hour long Richard Simmons dance off is the answer to appeal to Millennials? How is it that the Greatest Generation’s own children don’t mind their great-grandchildren footing the bill for their health care? How is it that when communist redistribution between classes has failed, this country has resorted to generational theft?

Miracles still happen

Like all young, idealistic generations, the Millennials are yet naïve. But they will wake up when their tax returns don’t come, when the IRS knocks on their door, and when the NSA uses their private data. It won’t be long.

In some other Asian and Polynesian cultures, they believe that long passed relatives can inflict values on current, living generations. As the Greatest Generation signs off, could it be that they will laugh last?

They fought and died for the hope of the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” As the Millennials glance in the reflecting pond, and see Richard Simmons looking back at them in red tights and a fro, perhaps, just perhaps, their mind will come to consider the miracle of free markets and capitalism as every thriving nation in the history of mankind has come to know.  Perhaps this is, in the oddest of odd ways, our magic moment.


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