(Phys.org) Time travel has captured the public imagination for decades, not excluding screenwriters and creative writing instructors who encourage creative leaps about stepping back and beyond the present through time. What about evidence?

Two researchers from the Department of Physics at Michigan Technological University decided to search the Internet for such evidence and have completed the study, “Searching the Internet for evidence of time travelers,” submitted on December 26 on ArXiv. Authors Robert Nemiroff, professor of physics, and Teresa Wilson, a PhD candidate, said, “The modern ubiquity” of the Internet lends itself to far-reaching methods to search for time travelers. They said a benefit from their effort, given the great reach of the Internet, is that their search is “the most comprehensive to date.”

Specifically, they embarked on a hunt for information about anyone who may have jumped forward in time, rather than focusing on persons who had traveled to the past—those who passed through our time who could have left some trace on the Internet. This may have been revealed in the form of a blog post, tweet, or search revealing they knew ahead of time what was to happen.

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