Most pundits maintain that Hillary will be the next Democrat to run for president – assuming, of course, Obama steps down, which is not a given. But if Hillary is the Dems’ pick, she will be a formidable foe for any Republican opponent.

There is a way Republicans can gain the White House. Run Sarah Palin. Many now think it’s time for a woman in the Oval Office, and perhaps it is.

Palin bests Clinton in every way. Sarah became a governor and veep candidate because of her political skills and positions. She did not become a political figure because of whom she married, as did Hillary. And Palin’s husband has never humiliated her. If he did, it’s likely Sarah would leave him knowing she is attractive enough to easily find another man.

Hillary, lacking Sarah’s sex appeal, endured humiliation. This is an issue of innate character. Sarah has endured unjust attacks from the left because the left knows Sarah is a threat. But Sarah enjoys widespread support from millions of perceptive Americans not motivated by jealousy or a transparent political agenda.

Sarah would surely make a great president. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have one of those for a change?


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