I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions in general, because they tend to set people up for failure. I know I’m not unique in this, but my rationale might be; this is because the sorts of things that people typically resolve are often outside of their direct control. That might sound a little cryptic, but many who have attempted to quit a harmful habit will know what I’m talking about.

The resolution that I herein recommend for America (or Americans, as the case may be) is indeed within our direct control. It is also an imperative if we are to arrest the progress of the Obama administration, the criminality that exists within the culture of our federal government and the general advancement of progressive socialism.

The resolution is as follows: Stop ceding ground to America’s enemies.

Ceding ground to America’s enemies is something that we have been encouraged to do, under various pretexts, for decades. Usually the rationales for doing so have been such things as tolerance, compassion, egalitarianism and, of course the old standby, for our own good. The latter differs from the “common good,” by the way, in that it is invariably defined by the government, rather than the common people.

While some of the people or interest groups ostensibly benefiting from said tolerance, compassion and egalitarianism may not necessarily be advocates of the tyranny that their interests are helping to advance, sometimes they are; their leaders and spokesmen almost always are. Yet, the “wedge” issues with which those leaders and cultural influencers mislead us have invariably been employed to incrementally modify Americans’ behavior. In the end, complete enslavement will be realized.

For example: The recent furor over “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson’s statements concerning his experience and his faith were extrapolated by activists and the press into attacks on blacks and homosexuals. This tactic was akin to the manner in which George Zimmerman was morphed from a Latino into an Aryan warrior bent upon killing black kindergarteners.

The end game always involves a stultification of liberties. It bears mentioning that in Britain and Canada, pastors have been jailed and threatened with jail for engaging in homophobic speech – this being their quoting Scripture from the pulpit.

The initial claims and pleas of interest groups, cultural icons and the government always involve these innocuous wedge issues and concepts. The prevailing mantra of the homosexual lobby is “We just want to love each other!” As we have already seen, that claim translates into “We want to aggressively promote homosexuality and other forms of sexual deviance, sexualize children and ultimately criminalize moral worldviews.”

Career civil rights activists (who had an important function until the “career” aspect developed) claim, “We want justice and equality for those we represent.” This becomes, “We want summary capitulation to all of our demands, no matter how absurd – or we’ll call you a racist.” This usually results in a handsome income for the activist, political power for his or her benefactors and increasing control over Americans’ behavior.

As I have stated, I believe it was a mistake for modern Westerners to perceive Islam as “one of the world’s great religions” and popularly recognize it as such, as opposed to the primitive system it is. This terminology was even used by former President George W. Bush. Just because something is “old” doesn’t necessarily make it “great.” Take a look in your refrigerator if you have any doubts in this area.

For 1,400 years, Muslims have insinuated themselves into non-Muslim countries claiming, “We just want to practice our religion in peace.” Translation: “We want to subjugate all doctrines and worldviews and we will murder anyone who does not conform.” This has played out in every instance of their presence in non-Muslim lands throughout history, without exception.

The abortion lobby claims that it simply wants “reproductive rights for women,” whatever that is. The truth is that its leaders are more committed to socialism than they are to women. The supernatural evil aspect of their commitment to butchering the unborn is one I won’t get into right now, but rest assured that it is a factor.

Feminists just want parity and equal opportunities for women, yet if this conflicts with the overall progressive socialist agenda, women just have to take the hit. Once again, it’s about control. Progressives don’t care about women any more than the other special interest groups they claim to support. Their objective is to align the worldview of American women with that of the left.

What’s the solution? Well, it occurred to me during a recent skirmish I had with homofascists (nothing as high profile as Phil Robertson’s, mind you, but quite insightful). I touched on the beginnings of this in my book, “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession,” regarding my recommended responses to racialists.

My advice, in short, was this: Stop apologizing for our convictions.

This is something we learned from the Phil Robertson controversy. He didn’t apologize for his views, and he won. Conservatives and Christians in America – and the conservative press in particular – spend altogether too much time responding to these progressive-driven issues, either arguing that what they said wasn’t really meant to be bigoted or apologizing in the event that they inadvertently offended someone. This is playing the enemy’s game. Why should we keep giving more and more rope to those who are hanging us with our own tolerance, compassion and, in many cases – our own law?

Yes, we will be called homophobes, Islamophobes, misogynists, racists, Uncle Toms, theocrats, imperialists and a host of other derisive names – but these are, as candidate Obama said in 2008 – “just words.”

Overcoming the designs of the corrupt, avaricious, amoral factions within our government is another, more comprehensive matter, one which I will address next week in this space.

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