This video was made especially to celebrate the first lady’s half century.

And while we’re on the topic …

How long will YOU live? Here’s a calculator based on only 13 answers that will give you a pretty good indication of what your life expectancy is. Me? I’m looking at 91.

New Internet trend: Making a difference.

Forget the twerking and the Harlem shake. These guys are out to make a change. See for yourself.

A murmuration

They went for a canoe ride and what they saw was truly phenomenal. It gave me a rush. Watch and you’ll get one too!

Heaven sent

Be sure to have a tissue or two nearby. Um, make it a box. You’ll need it. I did. As one person commented, “Powerful. How great this father’s love is. God will bless the family.”

Before he left, Nick Magnotti made this touching video for his baby daughter, Austyn. In it he reveals the greatest gift he could give her.

You haven’t put away those tissues yet, have you? Good. In a surprise award announcement, the Cochran Family was honored with the Unsung Hero Award. You will love this little boy. Watch and see why.

Tim’s Place

They serve breakfast, hugs, and love. You’ll wish this restaurant in Albuquerque was in your neighborhood. Meet Tim, owner of Tim’s Place.

Blue glow

Taiwanese photographer Will Ho came upon a stretch of beach while vacationing on the Maldives Islands that was aglow with sparkling blue hues. Here are the reasons why.

Will Ho took several photographs, each more breathtaking than the last. See them here.

Look! Up in the sky!

It’s a bird! A plane? No … it’s daytime fireworks!

Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang put on an awesome daytime fireworks display, using microchip-controlled explosives to paint incredible patterns and designs in the sky.

View the colorful explosions, videotaped at the Arab Museum of Modern Art.

Hitting the mark

So, what’s it like to skydive into Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium? Well, if you’re the Thunderstorm jump team, it looks like this!

While you’re looking up …

Flightaware is a handy website that keeps you apprised of airline cancellations, on time arrivals, and much more, especially when weather like last week’s coastal blizzard wreaks havoc with air travel.

And this next gem, found on the Flightaware Squawks forum, is absolutely phenomenal.

For those who are into aviation – and even if you aren’t – you won’t believe what this man made out of plain, every day manila file folders: a 1:60 model of an Air India Boeing 777-300ER. Just look at these photos and marvel at the patience and talent that went into every one of these miniature pieces. Truly awe inspiring.

Speaking of tiny things …

How about this teeny tiny house in which a family of four share 320 square feet! Written up in the Daily Mail, Karl and Hari Berzins of Florida and their two children have been living in this shoebox of a house since Karl built it in May 2011.

What is it like to live in a house with a 168-foot footprint?

“It has allowed us to live mortgage-free while we save for and build our bigger house,” they explained.

Here’s a FAQ page for the curious.

“We still have the stuff of everyday life, but there’s a lot of shuffling about,” said Hari Berzins, who chronicles the family’s life in her Tiny House Family blog.

Read more about their downsized lifestyle on their Facebook page. House Logic has more. Watch Hari explain more about the “mini manse” in this video.

Fixing Facebook!

Here’s an extension that will give you even more flexibility on Facebook. I installed it, as have over a million others, and have been happily Facebooking ever since. Social Fixer was built by a javascript/social media expert, and it plugs into your browser to improve the existing Facebook website. Pick the features you want to use. There are dozens of them.

Ending with a happy beginning!

Uploaded on July 25, 2009, Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz of Saint Paul, Minn., and their wedding party shocked their guests when they exuberantly danced down the aisle to Chris Brown’s “Forever.” It was such a hit on You Tube, the video got nearly 252,000 views, a screening on Entertainment Tonight, and an appearance on the TODAY show.

Watching it again brought back the joy this couple and their friends experienced on that day – one they’ll never forget. Neither will we!

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