Move over Miley Cyrus, you’ve got some competition in the world of twerking.

Two high-school teachers at Olive Branch High School in Mississippi are raising eyebrows as they were recorded on video twerking in front of students.

The dancing teachers are identified as Greg Abernathy and Connie Lambert.

The video aired by WATN-TV, the ABC affiliate in Memphis, Tenn., shows students laughing and covering their mouths as they watch the performance in amazement.

There has been a wide variety of reaction online, with some noting the twerking is just innocent dancing, and others questioning the judgment and taste of the instructors.

Teachers twerk in class at Olive Branch High School in Olive Branch, Miss.

“This was poor judgment,” wrote one commenter.

“I do remember when teachers got goofy, it made us pay attention even more,” said Jackie Benners Redmond. “I hope they don’t get in trouble for this!”

“As a graduate of Olive Branch High School, I don’t see anything wrong with having fun while learning,” said a woman named Chandra. “Although I never took any classes from Ab or Lamb but they have always taught their classes by being relatable to the students. Desoto County schools offer the best education and I am 100 percent sure that the class period was not spent on ‘How to Twerk.'”

“If people can’t see the parody in their actions then they just don’t get it,” wrote Mark. “The only thing offensive here is that anyone would take this event seriously.”

An anonymous teacher at the school commented about the video on the television station’s website:

I teach at Olive Branch High School and I’ve worked side by side with both of these teachers for twelve years. They are two of the best educators at OBHS, not only because of the knowledge that they impart to the students but also because of the connection that they have with the kids. They are liked and respected by the staff and the students. I could only hope that my child could one day by taught by these two educators. I am proud to work with these teachers because they not only liven up the students’ days but they also make my job more enjoyable. They love their job and their students! They know that the only way that you survive this job is to incorporate some fun!

Side note: On the day of this video filming, many of us were approached by Quistor Voices, our student run tv/broadcasting class, and were asked to perform popular dance moves to be shown on QV. The whole point? To have fun and to show kids how they appear to us when they dance! I am willing to bet that the person who sent you this clip didn’t include that useful piece of info.

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