Who will bell the cat? How can a tyrant be stopped? As John Adams said, our Constitution is devised for a law-abiding people. It seems a majority of Americans have finally gotten wise that Obama is a dictator whose endgame is the destruction of our middle class, bankrupting the country and crippling our once unchallengable military that kept us safe.

What do we do if he refuses to leave office at the end of his term? Even if Republicans are solidly in majority in both houses and vote to impeach and remove him, and he refuses, what happens? If he succeeds in forming his “civilian army of paid volunteers” and arming them, what then?

Our only hope may be Bill Clinton rallying Democrats to get Hillary elected. If not, Obama and his Marxist minions, the “ones we have been waiting for,” will have won their century-long war against against capitalism, freedom, liberty, Judeo/Christian justice and culture.

The age of barbarism will have begun – and most of those who helped bring it about will deeply regret the nightmare they imposed on humanity.

Joseph Rush Wills, II

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