We are near the culmination of a battle that began even before the Garden of Eden and human history. Jesus alluded to it in the New Testament, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” (Luke 10:18). Well, of course he did. That’s where they both were when Satan got the boot.

The Christian writer John Bunyan (“Pilgrim’s Progress”) refers to this same event as a foiled rebellion in heaven. “The Holy War” is one of Bunyan’s lesser-known works and a very revealing story for today.

In modern culture (an oxymoron, to be sure) we refer to the looming battle of Armageddon as the final battle between good and evil. This is misleading – indeed incomprehensible – for the mind of today.

What the modern mind sees as “good” is whatever Big Media and Hollywood have embraced in the name of fairness, equality and saving the planet (from “fill in the blank”) at this particular moment in time. The only constant is that tomorrow it will be different.

In fact, the battle of Armageddon has little if anything to do with good or evil as understood by the modern mind. But what the modern mind does understand is power. So a more modern explanation pictures Armageddon as the final battle to determine who runs the universe out into eternity.

Satan has many allies in this endeavor to unseat the Creator God as the owner and operator of the universe. Give it some thought. See if world events do not make more sense when viewed in this light.

  • Destruction of the rule of law, whereby “We the People” set the agenda for those in government;
  • Merger of the Republican and Democratic political parties into a single Potomac Party with an undisclosed agenda and budget now into trillions of dollars;
  • The newly formed Potomac Party’s war on citizen opposition, which were it to succeed would threaten their agenda for a brave new world (seen so often before in history).

The secularists and materialists running most of the world’s governments can no longer afford to fail. They have spent their nations into economic oblivion and have taken their various ideologies to their theoretical limits. Their pride and their dreams of a better tomorrow for mankind lie just around the corner. If only, just a little more … the plea is always the same. Nirvana waits just around the corner.

Who, then, is more powerful? Is it a being that – as the Bible describes God – had no beginning and has no end? Or is it a being created by this God, albeit a most powerful and intelligent one, desperately allied with humanity in preparation for control of eternity?

Logic and reason, RIP. All that remains are stories: A novel series by Craige McMillan.

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