Barack H. Obama has been the most controversial and most dividing holder of the office of the president of the U.S. than any before.

More disunity, more confusion, more hate, more racial back-tracking to previous positions, etc., have plagued this man and his life. He has absolutely no more understanding of his position or of the Constitution and Bill of Rights than some foreign person visiting this nation. Or if he does, he hates it all and wishes to destroy it!

Never has one man and his political party done more to destroy the success and powerful work of this nation’s past in all of its developments through the free-enterprise system and capitalism than Barack and his Democratic Party members.

It is now time to form a new political party that stands for the people as expressed in the Constitution. We need a crew in all three branches of the government.

That means all Supreme Court members should be removed and replaced with younger and more intelligent people.  That means Congress must be cleared of all major socialist, liberal members in both parties and independents.

That means the executive branch needs a new person and not from an existing party. The time for this is now!

All young people from 18 and up should work hard for this. You can do it! You can stop the Democratic socialists and Republican socialists and let us get this nation back to its former position.

The dream can work if you put your hand to the plow.

Lamar Carnes


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