Sidewalk counselors who spend their days in front of abortion facilities engaging in conversation and handing out brochures and signs to persuade women not to destroy life soon may be getting reinforcements.

Big reinforcements. And loud. As in thundering, rumbling, roaring, biker-gang loud.

The campaign, Bikers for Life, has been organized by Mark Crutcher, president of the Life Dynamics organization that long has fought battles on behalf of the unborn.

“The idea is simple,” Crutcher’s website explains. “Our goal is to have a Bikers for Life presence in front of EVERY abortion clinic in America on EVERY killing day. Whether it is one biker, five bikers or 5,000 bikers, it is time to come riding over the hill like the cavalry on iron horses. If that happens, Bikers for Life will be instantly plugged in on the frontlines of the battle.”

Bikers can sign up online for the first event, this Saturday in Dallas.

“We need 1,000 bikers to march in this event. Let’s show America what we’re made of. This is our chance to make history. Where injustice is law, resistance is duty,” the website states. “Meet at the Dallas Convention Center, 650 S. Griffin St., Dallas.”

Crutcher said: “Someone once observed that nations are judged on how they treat those at the dawn of life, those in the twilight of life, and those in the shadows of life, and he was absolutely right. Decent men and women do not stand around with their hands in their pockets while babies are being ripped apart.”

Crutcher that if “those of us in the biker community won’t stand up against this, we won’t stand up against anything.”

“Right now, God is giving you an opportunity to be a part of something much bigger than yourself,” he said. “This is a struggle that matters to Him. He does not send these babies here to be butchered. As you think about that, just remember one thing, your own life was a gift from God. But what you do with that life is your gift to Him.”

But the Dallas event is just a start. There’s a “Get involved” section on the Bikers for Life website, and Crutcher’s plan is that “some historian is going to look back and write, that the final blow to legalized abortion came when the bikers started showing up.”

Crutcher explained that since the battle over abortion began, there have been “sidewalk counselors,” there have been protesters and there have been prayer warriors.

“The effect these people have on the abortion issue is profound,” he said. “From a pragmatic standpoint, it is literally true that thousands of babies have been spared because of the sidewalk counseling their moms received.”

Crutcher said there is also a spiritual component to this campaign.

“Over the years, those of us at Life Dynamics have had considerable contact with people who work at abortion clinics. When asked, these people will universally admit that they dread seeing pro-lifers on the sidewalk. They will say things like, ‘something always seems different inside the facility on those days.’ They talk about the tension this creates and the nervous uneasiness that sets in among the staff – even when the pro-lifers are doing nothing more than silently praying in front of the clinic. These clinic workers may not have a reference point to understand that they are in a spiritual battle, but they know that when the pro-lifers are out front, something happens inside the clinic that they cannot explain,” he said.

His plan is for his organization to coordinate forces and projects. Also, he wants bikers to recruit other bikers to act on behalf of life.

Then the chores fall in order: “Pick out the abortion clinic that you intend to target” and “understand that this is not a ‘one-time’ deal.'”

Then use “peaceful non-violent intercession on behalf of the unborn and their moms.”

“Just as you have no obligation to run from trouble, you are not there to start it either.”

Keep in touch with Life Dynamics, and video, video, video, he says.

Crutcher said that over the years, he has owned between 75 and 80 motorcycles and is experienced in flat track, road racing and drag racing.

“I have been a biker since I was 12 years old. I got my first motorcycle at that age, and I have been riding for 53 years. I have always had this belief that the biker community, from what I can tell, is pretty overwhelmingly pro-life. So I had this idea, sometime ago, about Bikers for Life, that we would try and bring these people into the movement,” he said.

Crutcher said that while he is passionate about motorcycles, he is even more passionate about the more than “55 million innocent and helpless babies have been brutally slaughtered in this nation’s abortion clinics” since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

“And today, another 3,000 will be butchered, and tomorrow there will be another 3,000 and those killings are going to continue every day until we put an end to this nightmare,” he said.

“And as someone whose been involved in the pro-life movement for over 30 years, I can tell you that legalized abortion has also had a devastating emotional impact on millions of American women. Let me tell you what else I know. After more than five decades in the biker community, I have never met one person who didn’t have a heart for children. I have also seen that standing up against injustice is a part of the Biker DNA.”

He lined up a new staff member to work with Bikers for Life, Jackie Baird, a longstanding member of the biker community.

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