Fifty years ago, when President Lyndon B. Johnson announced an “unconditional war on poverty,” even he couldn’t have envisioned the dependency class that exists today. The war on poverty was intended to give Americans a “fair chance.” Instead it has spawned a generation of blacks reliant on government.

The viral video of an Omaha black toddler cussing and throwing up gang signs is a reminder of how the war has failed. The 2-year-old boy was taken into protective custody after a video showed adults coaching the child to act out and say (among other things) “b-tch,” “ho,” “nigga” and other vile words.

Here’s the video and segment from “The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show“:

No surprise, the ACLU has accused the police union of “antagonizing” Omaha’s minority communities by re-posting the video and labeling it the “thug cycle.” They filed an excessive-force suit against the Omaha police for using “racially charged language.” Really? What about the abuse of the child by the adults?

It turns out that the mother of the boy is 16, and this was not the first time the state intervened on behalf of this child. In June, the Department of Health and Human Services started monitoring the family in response to a neglect case. Four months later, someone shot up the house, killing the father. The bullet grazed the toddler. After the shooting, the family was moved into the home of the grandmother. Then on Dec. 16, police raided that home and took 15 people into custody. Officers ended up arresting Grandma on weapons-related charges after finding five guns in the house!

After this recent video, the state will relocate the family again. When the mother was asked about the video, she told KETV in Omaha that she’s a “good mother.” Unbelievable!

This type of abuse of black children and taxpayer dollars is commonplace. Having worked in South Central L.A. and in inner cities across the U.S. for the last 24 years, I’m know of young black women who have babies while living in Section 8 HUD housing with Mama and collecting welfare.

These moms abuse and neglect their kids because they’ve never received love and they don’t have it to pass on. This is why the Omaha mother can expose her child to this cruelty and think she’s a fit mom.

Some see their children not as precious human beings to care for but as a means to get paid. The fathers are not around to help, and if they are, they’re often irresponsible.

The social workers are usually aware of what goes on, yet they still provide benefits to the mother and support her illicit behavior, thereby endangering the child. This is a perversion of a system supposed to help the poor.

Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal on this crisis. He cited that according to the official census poverty report for 2012, 15 percent of Americans live in poverty, unchanged since the mid-1960s. He goes on to write:

The country has invested $20.7 trillion over the past 50 years. The collapse of marriage in low-income communities has played a substantial role in the declining capacity for self-support. In 1963, 6% of American children were born out of wedlock. Today the number stands at 41% [72% for blacks]. As benefits swelled, welfare increasingly served as a substitute for a bread-winning husband in the home. According to the Heritage Foundation’s analysis, children raised in the growing number of single-parent homes are four times more likely to be living in poverty than children reared by married parents of the same education level. … The consequences continue into adulthood: Children raised by single parents are three times more likely to end up in jail and 50% more likely to be poor as adults.

When I was growing up in Alabama in the ’50s, even though we were poor and the laws were against blacks, we still had a sense of morality. If an unmarried woman got pregnant, she would not be rewarded with a government check. There was a sense of shame and she would marry in a “shotgun wedding” or would go away for a while, give birth and return. Help didn’t come from government; it came from family and the church.

Welfare without work destroys lives; yet, President Obama and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, want to keep the status quo. Rep. Lee wants to change the word “welfare” to “transitional living fund” to remove the stigma of generational welfare. Lee and her cronies at the Congressional Black Caucus and Obama need to keep blacks dependent for them to grow government and increase their political clout. Even Obama’s latest attempt to address “income inequality” with “Promise Zones” is throwing good money after bad.

The Omaha police union was right. There is a “thug cycle” in the black community. And single black female-headed households are often the training grounds. These are the black kids that grow up to be criminals and take part in racist “knockout” attacks.

The way poverty programs are dispersed today doesn’t help the poor; it addicts them to handouts. It’s time to bring shame back into the black community and stop using tax-dollars to fund this cycle of enslavement.

As we observe Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, it’s fitting that we re-examine the war on poverty and begin a real war on moral poverty!

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