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A conservative comeback

Over the last four years, despite media naysayers, conservatives gained traction. In a landslide election, we recaptured the House in 2010 and gained some much-needed Senate seats.

We also dethroned Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House – although our Republican replacement has capitulated on policy he promised to uphold and has incurred our fury.

Then we acquired brave Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, a gutsy champion of the American people. The senator’s passionate 21-hour filibuster on Obamacare put some wind under our wings, and his continuing fight against Obamacare inspires us to have faith and keep fighting.

Yes, Obamacare was implemented, but the fallout from the highly anticipated, yet crippled website, a shady flip-flop from the president on whether or not people can keep their insurance, as well as the many heart-wrenching stories of Americans who lost coverage and instead gained inflated premiums has wildly emboldened conservatives. Some sticker-shocked liberals have also cried foul, but, as usual, conservatives – from grass-roots leaders to national ones like Cruz – actually do something, striving to gain control of an America gone awry.

Conservatives have also had to endure GOP leaders pandering to party politics, caving on the debt ceiling crises and theoretically throwing us under the bus. Here’s a sampling: Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., initiated a PAC to fund, specifically, anti-tea party Republican candidates. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell dubbed us “schoolyard bullies.”

Republican House Speaker John Boehner accused conservative organizations of “pushing our [congressional] members in[to] places they don’t want to be” when leading these tea-party groups got wind of the preliminary budget plan drafted last year by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and raised opposition to it. Boehner whined that the tea party is “using the American people” and has no more credibility.

Perhaps Boehner and McConnell’s BFF is liberal political analyst Juan Williams, who encourages them to “stand up to the tea party” and pass bills that will keep America spiraling out of control on immigration, unemployment and debt.

Political commentator Dick Morris joined the bash-tea-party wagon and reduced grass-roots activists to “amateurs” whom the party must be patient with as we undergo a “learning curve.”

If such “amateurs” get into office, these pompous politicians and commentators will certainly undergo a “learning curve.” Their worst fear will become a reality.

Many conservatives have tirelessly worked for the party and alongside the party, hoping that the GOP will reward their show of support by actually listening to our collective voice begging them not to sell out America. But we are instead “rewarded” with amnesty instead of secure borders as well as additional debt stuffed into the crevices of an already astronomical federal deficit. And God only knows what other concessions are brokered in backroom deals in D.C. that, prayerfully, will never see the light of day.

We have had enough. More than enough.

There’s no better way to answer our enemies and critics than to win these midterm elections.

The timing couldn’t be better! A Fox News poll shows that “Voters … disapprove of Obama bypassing Congress.” Rush Limbaugh believes that conservatives will not sit out the midterm elections. Rather, they will show up, at the very least, “just to get rid of what’s happening.” He notes that people have had it with Obama trouncing the Constitution and stripping our liberties every chance he gets. And we conservatives have had it with the GOP kicking us to the curb.

Voting against what’s wrong is certainly a large part of the solution. The other fundamental part is supporting, in every way possible, conservative candidates who actually have fire in their bellies, who possess a “game on” attitude and candidly take their constitutionally principled stance straight to the establishment sellouts as well as liberal socialists.

As usual, we must look within our conservative camp and identify such candidates who warrant our support and vote, no matter how daunting the challenge appears (key word: appears).

In Texas, a fearless leader has come through the trenches and emerged to the forefront to confront the establishment. Katrina Pierson, health-care professional, conservative dynamo, noted tea-party leader and former Ted Cruz campaign worker – who has earned Cruz’s praise – has called out incumbent GOP Rep. Pete Sessions in a March 4 primary in Texas’s 32nd Congressional District.

Pierson has the “go hard or go home” attitude needed to win this seat and become a conservative voice for the American people in Washington. Add to her record that she is brainy, beautiful and biracial, and you have all the makings of a potential “Triple Threat” (female, black, conservative) upset in Texas. But she can’t go it alone; she needs our support.

Rep. Sessions was against the effort to defund Obamacare by saying, “We do not want to stop it.” Furthermore, he blocked the Select Committee from investigating the Benghazi scandal.

Such establishment sellout behavior has got to go.

It’s time to pull out all stops and win these midterms.

If America ever needed a conservative comeback, it is now.

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