From Israel Today

The number of terrorist attacks targeting Jews in Judea and Samaria increased significantly in 2013 over the previous year. That according to a report published this week by Israel’s domestic security agency, the Shin Bet.

Overall, 1,271 terrorist attacks were reported in 2013, up from just 578 in 2012. However, fatalities were down: six Israelis were killed in terror attacks in 2013, compared to 10 the previous year.

Forty-four people were injured in terror incidents in 2013, three-fourths of them from stoning attacks, the kind of activity many in the international community refer to as “peaceful resistance.”

Three of those killed over the last year were the victims of knife attacks, two were shot by Palestinian snipers, and one was executed after being abducted by Arab terrorists.

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In addition to the far larger number of overall attacks, the Shin Bet noted a worrying increase in the number of “serious incidents,” those involving the use of firearms, incendiary bombs and mortar shells.

One bright point in the report was the massive decrease in the number of rocket attacks from Gaza. In 2012, Gaza-based terrorists attacked southern Israel no fewer than 1,085 times. Israel responded with “Operation Pillar of Cloud,” and, as a result, 2013 saw just 55 rocket attacks.

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