It’s a good thing the two political parties didn’t have me in charge of grading their speeches last week.

They both would have flunked.

What an insulting collection of platitudes in the guise of speaking to Americans about of the condition of our country and our future by two people elected to our highest offices of governance!

Heaven help us!

To listen to the man who is the Democrat president, Barack Obama, and Washington GOP Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, you would have thought they were speaking to fifth-graders.

It was ostensibly the State of the Union address by the president and the response by the Republicans.

Anyone who would call Rodgers’ speech “a response” to Obama needs his head examined.

She prattled on with generalities about the country and what we are as a people. She interspersed that with her biography – twice – which was nice, if she were running for office, which she isn’t.

I expected an “in your face” response to the laundry list of issues Obama either ignored or addressed with his magic solutions.

I wanted a tough look at where we are and what Obama isn’t doing. At the very least, I wanted clear criticism of what Obama and the Democrats are doing to create the chaos we’re experiencing and how the GOP plans to rectify it.

We have the biggest debt in the history of the world, growing unemployment, loss of jobs, increasing poverty and dependence on the government.

We are enduring an invasion of illegal aliens with plans afoot to make them all legal and ultimately citizens.

It’s the most valuable lottery in the world and the GOP had no response to it.

Our status in the world is diminished, we have an increasingly debilitated military and there is the real threat of nuclear war because of Iran.

And Rodgers says nothing substantive about those issues!

Who wrote her speech?

Why would she read it?

Or did they choose her and then write that insipid speech to supposedly appeal to women?

Are the Republicans crazy?

Or just fools?

For Obama, it was really a campaign speech with a little less emotion than he usually employs.

If he performed like that with a script like that during a re-election campaign, he’d never have made it.

He did get close to campaign mode when he did a sales pitch for Obamacare sign-ups and when he said definitively “climate change is a fact.”

Prove it, Barack.

Oh, that’s right. He can’t, but the fact that he said it with conviction, makes it true.


Other than that, he meandered through a variety of issues that have made news during his administration – things people are concerned about or know about: jobs and technology and education and energy and more.

It was also sprinkled with “Obama’s fudge” – you know, he fudged the employment figures and he fudged the Obamacare signups and he fudged the women’s pay issue.

You decide if he lied.

It was simplistic pandering and an insult to any thinking individual.

This is a man incapable of taking responsibility for anything that goes wrong, and there is much over the last five years for which he owes the American people an apology at the very least.

But we don’t hear that and never will.

He doesn’t believe he’s capable of errors or failures. Think about it – everything from the Obamacare debacle, the bankruptcies of alternative energy companies, the insults to our allies and, perhaps most especially, Egypt, Syria, Libya and Benghazi.

As we learn more about what the administration knew and did nothing about, Obama and his administration henchmen from Hillary Clinton on down, continue stonewalling.

There’s treason in there somewhere.

Obama’s speech all but ignored foreign affairs. What about Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries, to say nothing of North Korea, China and troubled African countries enduring a genocide against Christians?

What about Israel and the dangers it faces? All we heard was, we would “always be at their side.”

Judging by how Obama and his administration have treated Israel, that’s not an encouraging promise.

Certain words were not heard: militant Islam. Therein lies the reason we’re in Afghanistan but remain unspoken as we’re supposed to cheer that our longest war is about to end.

Not “won” – just “ended.”

I call that a defeat.

I love my country. I don’t like losing a war, especially when I believe that was, and is, the intent.

Tell me, Barack Obama, why Americans should be happy about your “withdrawal date” for Afghanistan while our troops and those of our allies continue to be picked off every day, like ducks in a shooting gallery.

Those are deaths and injuries you ignore, except when you use a gravely injured survivor of your war as a political prop.

Army Ranger and Sergeant First Class Cory Remsburg fully deserves the accolades paid him, but not in the midst of your defense of your political decisions.

That’s so crass.

Remsburg is a hero for serving and a hero for his fight to be rehabilitated, but he and all the others who served with him, living and dead, deserve more than your condescending praise.

I’m a citizen who cares about our country, our viability as a world power and the daily government-caused problems we face.

The words of Obama and Rodgers disgusted me.

I’d flunk them and their parties.

The Democrats for deceptively and deliberately changing our laws and seeding the bureaucracy and the judiciary with like-minded deceivers who will remain to do their damage long after Barack Obama has gone on to become an even richer half-black, half-white man who still thinks people dislike him because of his skin color.

And flunk the Republicans, too, for allowing it to happen.

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