It must be reassuring to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party circa 2014 to know the Communist Party USA has their back.

That’s what the CPUSA announced this week during a nationally live-streamed event covered by WND.

And why not?

How do the agendas of Obama’s Democratic Party differ in any meaningful way from those of the American neo-Stalinists?

Some might suggest Democrats are incrementalists – no longer committed to violent overthrow of the established order.

Yet, so are today’s Communists. Just read the words of Sam Webb, the new party boss: “We can talk about shortening the work week, green jobs, restructuring the economy, we can talk about the de-militarization of the economy and putting those people back to work in jobs that are productive. The starting point has to be this immediate engagement, but once we do that many things become possible such as more radical demands.”

Is there any doubt their plans differ little, if at all, from Obama’s ideas about “fundamentally transforming” America?

The only real difference is that Webb is honest about where he wants to take America – Communism. Obama and the Democrats don’t want to scare anyone off. Webb even acknowledged that one of the problems the movement faces is the stigma of the name Communist among some Americans, but he believes under the policies of the Obama administration the country is now more willing to embrace those beliefs.

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“The good news is the same hang-ups or stereotypes that people had 30 to 40 years ago are not so evident today,” he said. “Growing numbers of people are ready to have a conversation about socialism. There have been public opinion polls that indicate that substantial numbers have more confidence in socialism than capitalism. We have to let people know what our vision is. The climate in the country is different. We can have a different conversation than we could have 30 to 40 years ago, even 20 years ago. Socialism is no longer a white-hot word. People are willing to talk about it.”

The CPUSA ran candidates for president for decades – people like Gus Hall and Angela Davis. In 2008 and 2012, the Communist Party actively supported Obama for election and re-election.

Birds of a feather flock together.

The common enemy of today’s Democrats and today’s Communists are the tea-party movement, conservatives, Republicans and anyone who would stand up for the constitutional principles of limited government.

In a sense, the CPUSA is no longer the threat it once was because its values and tactics have been adopted by the dominant political party in America.

However, all that separates the Democrats from the kind of political oblivion to which the CPUSA found itself in after it lost funding from the Soviet Union is knowledge by the American people.

Democrats have been successful at undermining the key to self-government – an informed and well-educated citizenry.

That was a goal the “Big C” Communists could never have accomplished with the help of their Democratic Party friends.

And that brings me to the only real difference between Obama and Webb.

One proudly calls himself a Communist with a “Big C.” The other takes offense if you label him accurately as a communist with a small c.

In other words, there is really no difference at all.

And that’s why America is in a heap of trouble today – fighting for its very survival as a free nation.

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