Snow blankets a street in Lowell, Mass./Photo: Lowell Sun

Police in Lowell, Mass., say a man who demanded money for shoveling the driveway of an elderly couple without permission was chased away when the 79-year-old woman answered her door holding a gun.

Police responded to the home after receiving a 9-1-1 call about a woman pulling a gun on a man shoveling snow.

Officers say the man was going door-to-door demanding to be paid for clearing driveways in the neighborhood.

He knocked on the couple’s door and demanded money.

They told him to leave, so he banged on the door harder.

The woman told police she was afraid the man would try to break in, so she came to the door again, this time holding a gun at her side.

“She never pointed it, but she said ‘get off my property. I’m going to call the police,'” Capt. Thomas Meehan told the Lowell Sun.

“He decided to leave,” Meehan said of the man.

Police found the man in the neighborhood, and after speaking to him and the couple, sent the snow-shoveling shyster packing.

Meehan said the woman, who is licensed to carry the gun, did not violate any laws and won’t face any charges.

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