It’s bound to become the defining moment in a race for Montana’s open seat in the House of Representatives.

Will it be a Todd Akin moment? Or will retired Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke become a hero for calling Hillary Clinton “the real enemy” and “the Antichrist”?

That’s what happened Monday when Zinke, who is running in a Republican primary to be the standard-bearer to replace Rep. Steve Daines, who is seeking a Senate seat, spoke at a campaign event.

Zinke appeared at the Marina Cay Resort in Bigfork along with Scott McEwen, co-author of “American Sniper,” a book about the life of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who served four combat missions and earned a reputation as one of the deadliest snipers in the military, with 150 kills, including one from 2,100 yards. Clint Eastwood is making a movie about McEwen’s book.

Zinke had some tough criticism for Barack Obama’s administration.

“It’s time to stop the lies,” he said. “Let’s talk about the truth. Who trusts the U.S. government? No one in this room. I’ve served in 25 nations. I’ve seen where people don’t trust their government. We’re there. In the military, the last option is to send in the SEALs.”

But it was his words about the woman who hopes to succeed Obama that will resonate through the campaign.

“We need to focus on the real enemy,” he said, referring to former secretary of state Clinton. he called her “the anti-Christ.”

Zinke said he wants to restore truth, grace, honor and decency, which he called “our moral compass. It’s always been Judeo-Christian,” he said. With the present administration, he said, “It’s whatever you can get away with. I will never bow to pressure. I will do what’s right.”

Zinke said he asked seven powerful Republicans if they think the nation can be set straight after the Obama reign. Of the seven, only one said yes — former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, now a senior adviser to his campaign.

Zinke finished his speech by handing out 50-calibre bullets to each of the four men who sponsored the event before a crowd of about 30 people.

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