Ever wanted to eavesdrop on the Communist Party USA? Just find out what actually is going on behind the publicity, news releases and carefully drafted statements?

Now you can.

WND has assembled a procedure to sign up for and listen to a Google+ Hangout on Wednesday with CPUSA chairman Sam Webb.

The party says the event is just part of its “Convention Discussion” that will lead up to its 30th national convention this summer in Chicago.

The event will be 8 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Pacific Wednesday evening.

The party explains the event will address how “socialists and communists engage in the day-to-day struggles like the fight to raise the minimum wage or reinstate unemployment insurance while keeping an eye on the long-term vision…”

“In a period where working people and the broad-based progressive movement are so often on the defensive, how to address issues like political independence, radical demands and even socialism. How exactly do we ‘take care of the future of the movement?'”

WND’s signup puts you on the channel to listen in.

The party’s beliefs follow the Communist Manifesto, which states, “The Communists fight for the attainment of the immediate aims, for the enforcement of the momentary interests of the working class; but in the movement of the present, they also represent and take care of the future of that movement.”

Webb, chairman of the CPUSA, is a longtime veteran of activism. Now living in New York, he previously was involved in the labor movement in Maine, and then was the party’s state organizer from 1977 through 1988 in Michigan.

The CPUSA, 95 years old this year, reports that it “has an unparalleled history in the progressive movement of the Untied States, from the struggle against Jim Crow segregation, the organizing of the industrial unions, from the canneries of California, to the sweatshops of New York City.”

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