The Washington Post’s Feb. 16 headline over “The Fact Checker,” Glenn Kessler, is as follows:

“Rand Paul Calls Clinton a ‘Sexual Predator,’ but the Facts Don’t Support His Claim.”

On Newsmax TV on Feb. 5, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said the following:

“Yeah, I mean (former President Bill Clinton is) a predator, a sexual predator basically. Repetitive – you know there’s dozens, or at least a half a dozen, public women who have come forward.”

Are “fact checkers” infallible?

Of course not.

So, let me note that Kessler, the Post’s purported fact checker, begins his column with the following:

  • “The Fact Checker does not quite perceive the strategic logic behind Sen. Rand Paul’s attacks on former president Bill Clinton as a ‘sexual predator.'” (Does anyone in the United States really believe that Slick Willy was never a sexual predator?)
  • “Is he putting Hillary Rodham Clinton on notice that this stuff is fair game if she decides to run for president?” (Does the term “this stuff” for so much that has been so widely reported indicate any real degree of devotion to impartiality?)
  • “Is he trying to dampen enthusiasm for the Democrats’ biggest fundraiser? Is he trying to say Democrats are hypocrites in the so-called ‘war on women’? That’s for political pundits to decide.” (But for self-identified “fact checkers” to write about as editorial content rather than as fact checking.)

Fact checker Kessler goes on to write:

  • “Paul appears to be placing Monica Lewinsky on the list of so-called Clinton victims. That was a consensual affair, in which Lewinsky was an eager participant, but Paul appears to take umbrage at the fact that she was 22 when the affair started and Clinton was the boss. ‘Having sex with an intern at the office is inappropriate by any standard,’ he told Newsmax TV. On C-SPAN’s ‘Newsmakers’ show, he described Clinton as ‘some kind of abusive boss that uses their position of authority to take advantage of a young woman … a perpetrator of that kind of sexual harassment.'” (No matter how willing was this much younger woman, the president of the United States – who at his wedding to Hillary promised to remain faithful to his wife – was an adulterer who used the Oval Office for sex trysts with a much younger woman.)

Kessler goes on to note the following:

    “Let’s first compile a list of consensual liaisons admitted by the women in question:

  • “Gennifer Flowers – a model and actress whose claims of a long-term affair nearly wrecked Clinton’s first run for the presidency in 1992. (Clinton denied her claims at the time, but under oath in 1998 he acknowledged a sexual encounter with her.)
  • “Monica Lewinsky – intern at the White House, whose affair with Clinton fueled impeachment charges.
  • “Dolly Kyle Browning – A high school friend who said in a sworn declaration that she had had a 22-year off-and-on sexual relationship with Clinton.
  • “Elizabeth Ward Gracen – a former Miss America who said she had a one-night stand with Clinton while he was governor – and she was married. She went public to specifically deny reports he had forced himself on her.
  • “Paula Jones – A former Arkansas state employee who alleged that in 1991 Clinton, while governor, propositioned her and exposed himself. She later filed a sexual harassment suit, and it was during a deposition in that suit that Clinton initially denied having sexual relations with Lewinsky. Clinton in 1998 settled the suit for $850,000, with no apology or admission of guilt. …” (Which simply begs the question: If he were innocent, why on earth did this president of the United States shell out $850,000 – even if all but $200,000 was to pay legal fees?)

Rape charges against Clinton by Juanita Broaddrick and sexual groping charges by Kathleen Willey were never brought to court.

But Post fact checker Kessler contends: “Paul needs to get his facts straight, rather than cavalierly toss out claims of ‘dozens’ or ‘half a dozen’ women publicly claiming that Clinton was a sexual predator.”

But why does Kessler write this in the same column that mentions: 1) Gennifer Flowers, 2) Monica Lewinsky, 3) Dolly Kyle Browning, 4) Elizabeth Ward Gracen and 5) Paula Jones?

For a nation whose more than 100 million Christians and Jews revere and recite the Ten Commandments, there is undeniable scandal and outrage regarding Slick Willy’s repeated violation of the Seventh Commandment – as both governor of Arkansas and president.

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