If you didn’t realize it by now, the climate-change hysterics are getting desperate.

In fact, they are now certifiably insane.

Their claims get more bizarre and spasmodic by the day.

Did you hear the latest?

A new study, no doubt government supported, contends global warming will cause an additional 180,000 rapes by 2099 and an additional 22,000 murders in the U.S.

How do they know? It’s science. The same kind of computer-modeling science behind the scam of global warming.

There’s more. According to the report by Matthew Ransom, an economist with the policy consulting firm of Abt Associates, we’re looking at:

  • 1.2 million more aggravated assaults;

  • 2.3 million simple assaults;
  • 260,000 robberies;
  • 2.2 million cases of larceny;
  • 580,000 cases of vehicle theft.

The numbers represent a 2.2 percent increase in murder and a 3.1 percent increase in rape.

What’s the relationship between climate change and violent crime?

I thought you might ask.

According to Ransom, warmer weather results in more violent crime. When it’s cold outside, people have their windows and doors closed. It’s that simple, he says.

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Though Ransom’s work is suspect even among some still clinging desperately, and shiveringly, to the global warming myth, his thesis is supported by none other than the Urban Institute – the Internal Revenue Service’s favorite conspiracy nuts who are the agency’s “trusted partners” in vetting the propriety of filings by other nonprofit groups.

The Urban Institute hasn’t just drunk the Kool-Aid. This group, receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in government grants to do government’s work, has gone back for seconds and thirds.

John Roman, a senior fellow with the Urban Institute, accepts the more-crime premise as an article of faith. In fact, he predicts future studies, not yet conducted, will corroborate Ransom’s findings.

“There will be more studies in the future that find these effects,” he told Mother Jones. “The concept fits with classic crime theory so neatly that we need to start thinking about how to get ahead of this and respond.”

And guess what Roman suggests – more police.

But if you don’t like that idea or the idea of barricading yourself in your house for fear of marauding bands of sweaty climate-change gangs, then you better reduce your carbon footprint, says Ransom.

This idea that global warming causes crime is convenient for liberals. Now they can say that increased crime in the cities they control is proof of global warming – rather than an indictment on their failed economic and social policies.

I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t have believed this lunacy would go this far if I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes.

While Americans freeze their buns off in the coldest temperatures we’ve seen in decades, these fanatics, these zealots, these climate-change desperadoes are still asking us: “Who are you going to believe – scientists like us or your own lying thermometer?”

Rape! Murder! It’s not just a shot away, like the Rolling Stones cried. It’s just 1 degree Fahrenheit away.

Do the climate-change proponents mind that no one believes them anymore outside of college professors, their easily programmable students and people who work in the arts and media?

Do you not recognize a new religion when you see one?

This is pure superstition. It’s witchcraft. There’s no empirical evidence to support any of it. It’s a deliberate hoax and fraud perpetrated by people determined to increase government power at all costs. It’s a tool for a massive redistribution of wealth – maybe the biggest government power grab in the history of the world.

The apocalyptic fear-mongering never stops. In fact, it’s reaching a new fever pitch.

What will it take for the global warming charade to end? How much colder will it have to get? Is there any eventuality that would make them admit their computer modeling was off? If hell freezes over? Would that do it?

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