You’re a racist.

Oh, you don’t think you’re a racist. You don’t subscribe to identity politics. You know that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. You know that the president who freed the slaves was a Republican. You know that the Democratic Party was historically the party of segregation and Jim Crow. You know it was Southern Democrats who first invented the concept of “gun control” to keep guns out of the hands of blacks. And you know that until recently, the Democratic Party was the only party whose senators included a member of Ku Klux Klan.

So why are you – a Republican, a conservative, or a libertarian – a racist? Well, for one, you’re white. That automatically makes you guilty of racism. It’s not really your fault; you can’t help it. You see, you’ve benefited from what we call “white privilege” – a condition in which you are supposed to be better off than those around you because you were born white. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances of your birth, your childhood, or your adult life were or may be. Because you are white, we assume that you are better off than someone who is not – because, you know, it’s very wrong to make assumptions about someone based on their race.

Congratulations! As a white non-liberal, you are the target of a widespread public relations campaign to identify you as a racist no matter what you think or do. This campaign spreads through websites. It spreads through image postings. It is repeated and cited on social media like Facebook. It’s purpose is nothing more or less than to define who you are, without your participation and without regard to reality. It is a weapon wielded by liberals. It marginalizes you through lies and hatred because liberals cannot abide political dissent. Only their views are valid; all other views are racist. The newest tool in this campaign of hate is the “microaggression.”

Buzzfeed claims you hear multiple microaggressions on a daily basis. Just ask the throngs of hypersensitive liberals who go about their days looking for things to misinterpret and be offended by; they’ll tell you all about it. According to Heben Nigatu, the term “microaggression” was “used by Columbia professor Derald Sue to refer to ‘brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial slights and insults toward people of color.”

Note that the definition of “microaggression” makes no provision for such “indignities” on the part of persons of color directed toward whites. By progressives’ definition, only white people possess the capability to be racist. No matter how much racially motivated hatred, no matter how much unjustified invective, no matter how much undeserved blame an entitled, whining, petty liberal heaps on a white person, this can never be hostility, bias, or racial prejudice. In the world of the libs, only the whites are to blame. More accurately, in the world of the libs, whites are always to blame, scapegoated for everything and anything that people of color perceive as negative in themselves or in the world around them.

More importantly, the move to enshrine concepts like “microaggression” and “white privilege” in popular culture is an attempt to redefine perfectly innocent behavior as racist affronts. This allows those on the receiving end of these misinterpreted, exaggerated slights to employ their selective outrage whenever it suits them, for any reason, in response to any benign word or deed. In a politically correct and increasingly cowardly society, to take umbrage is to assert control over another human being.

We will do almost anything to avoid being branded with the scarlet letter of raaaaacism in today’s world, and small wonder: Once you are labeled a racist, there is no way to prove you are not. There is no method of appeal. There is no means to prove the content of one’s heart. In popular culture, on your television, on your computer, on your smartphone, on your tablet, over your airwaves in public service announcements and commercials, if you are accused of racism, you are guilty until you are proven innocent – and there is no way to prove, to the satisfaction of progressives, that you are not guilty. In the liberal mind, there is no greater crime than racism; all Republicans, conservatives and libertarians are racists; no Democrats can ever be prejudiced; only liberals get to make these judgment calls.

Asking someone what his racial background is? That’s aggression. Casting a Hispanic woman in the role of Dora the Explorer (who is a Hispanic girl)? That’s racism. Asking a person of Hispanic descent if they speak Spanish? Clearly hostile. Asking the only black person in your class what he thinks of a political issue involving black people? Overt hatred. Asking an Asian person if they’re from China, Japan, or Korea? Nothing but evil.

Through the technology that interlinks and interlocks daily life – your websites, your image sites, your social media, the places where, most often, you get your news and your commentary and your interactions with your family and friends – liberal race-baiters redefine your personality. It is through the Internet and popular culture that most people hear about “microagressions” and “white privilege” in the first place. It is through these technological outlets that the myths of pervasive white racism and “privilege” are perpetuated. Progressives have invented a variety of methods to do this, including interpreting everything non-liberals say as “dog whistles” and “code language.” This means that absolutely, literally anything you say can become, in the mind of a liberal, an overtly racist act.

Liberals need to cast you as racist in order to dismiss you. They hate you. They hate your opinions. If they can make you a pariah by labeling you racist and making that stick, they will. It is just a step on the road to what they truly desire – for they would simply kill you if they could. They hate you that much … and they will stop at nothing to project this hatred onto you.

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