America has been delivered a serious blow at the hand of our president’s pen.

Barack Obama is killing off freedom and liberty by signing one executive order after another without congressional approval. He routinely bypasses Congress and takes matters into his own collectivist hands, targeting our constitutional rights like a sniper targets its victim. Liberty and freedom is in Obama’s cross-hairs, and with the end of his second term approaching, he’s taking as much of our lawful privileges with him as possible, notwithstanding tightening his noose around our necks even more through unconstitutional actions and stifling regulations.

Last I checked, America is a free society and the rule of law aptly applies.

In his SOTU address, Obama promised a “year of action” and used, as an excuse, strengthening the middle class, committing to “take steps without legislation.” He could care less about the middle class; however, he fully intends to act on his own accord. He has already done so, and plans to do more. Much more. Furthermore, Obama has also added his cellphone to his arsenal in his plan to further wreak havoc on our constitutional rights. (Any chance of NSA tracking his cell?)

Over 300 regulations have poured forth from this administration from agencies such as the EPA, FDA, Energy Department and the Department of Labor to name but a few. And the apex of all regulations, Obamacare, has left millions of Americans without health coverage, stifles business growth – for both small and large companies – and threatens financial consequences for those who do not comply with the unconstitutional mandate to purchase government-run health care.

But wait; there’s more.

Douglas Holtz-Eakin, operator of the American Action Forum and a previous director of the Congressional Budget Office, released chilling new information regarding Obamacare, citing 28 new regulations awaiting consent from the White House.

Holtz-Eakin states, “This is the most regulatory administration in history. That’s indisputable.”

America now finds herself with a dictator instead of a president, a disdainer of the Constitution who, through the stroke of a pen, gravely undermines the very laws he swore to “faithfully” execute.

And he’s not acting alone.

Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, along with others of her ilk at the newly formed Full Employment Caucus, has Obama’s back. In a recent press conference launching the caucus, Jackson Lee forthrightly spoke of the caucus’ “number one agenda”: “Let’s write up these executive orders – draft them, of course – and ask the president to stand with us on full employment.”

The message Democrats are drilling into the minds of the populace at large is this: “Congress? Who needs Congress? Congress stifles real progress; Congress impedes unemployment reformation. If Congress won’t act, we will.” And sheeple swallow it hook, line and sinker, accepting unconstitutional methods as the norm, despising those who stand up for our inalienable rights – rights that are even granted to sheeple.

Who would have imagined that America would suffer such betrayal at the hand of her president? Who would have thought that a president would be the person we most ardently fight against? Terrorists? Yes. Foreign enemies? Yes. But fighting the president? It’s unfathomable.

America’s framers clearly outlined presidential and legislative bodies’ checks and balances, and prayerfully and thoughtfully devised matchless systems to ensure Americans would be free from tyrannical dictators. After all, that was the point of fleeing England and coming to America! The Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution expressly lay out the vision, blueprint and laws for our leaders, representatives, authorities, et al. No one person or branch of government must ever wield all power. Furthermore, the one at the helm is expected to respect and follow the clearly established law.

The stroke of a pen over 200 years ago in the Assembly Room in Independence Hall established freedom for an infant nation. Forty brave and trustworthy men believed in the rule of law and produced a liberating, inspirational document, which is envied worldwide. Over half of the signers of the Constitution literally fought in the American Revolution. Such men understood the transformational power of the pen, power to change a family, a nation, a world for good. With a stroke of a pen, these patriots freed themselves and guaranteed freedom for us, today, in 2014.

America’s imperial president is full throttle, shackling his subjects, one executive order after another. This must cease or we will completely lose our republic. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

Through divine wisdom and courage, and by supporting true conservatives and organizations that work tirelessly for freedom, we can – we must – defeat the defeatist stroke of the president’s pen.

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