So now the Republicans are going to spring their super-strategy upon the land by giving the illegal-alien community almost-but-not-quite as much as the Democrats are determined to give them.

The Germans and French have learned their lesson. Neither will ever invade Russia again, no matter what happens to the climate. The Japanese have learned their lesson. The non-violent conquest of international markets leads to more happiness than Japanese military attempts to turn the Pacific Ocean into a Japanese lake. Republicans just don’t learn.

“The Word” will go out and stay out among the illegal Latinos that “We vote Democratic.” A watched pot never boils, and a watched Democratic voting bloc rarely changes over a lifetime. Almost all American Jews held out their political wrists and welcomed the Democratic handcuff. So did the blacks. Who can explain the GOP willingness to blow out the centerpiece of the dam and bring down a fresh inundation of inflexible Democratic voters? Is there a way to smite or use this latest installment of Republican madness?

The timing offers the GOP an excellent opportunity to haul off and take a blazing stand on principle. It’s a stand that, while far from guaranteed to succeed, certainly can’t do the disastrous posture of the GOP any further harm.

I propose a ringing, reverberating Republican stand, one with almost a “stained-glass” flavor about it and delivered with all the pomposity of the old British “white papers.” I want the Republicans to denounce any and all deviation from the law-of-the-land to accommodate the desire and convenience of those who have crossed our borders in violation of the law and now want all kinds of “pathways” toward citizenship, legal status, green cards, name it.

Such a manifesto should start by noting that never before in history has an entire class of lawbreakers begged for, not just forgiveness, but advantage over past and present immigrants who were dumb enough to do it right. Furthermore, such preposterous begging is aided, abetted and shielded like a beloved baby by the majority party in the United States government.

Let the world know the Republican Party declares that a country that cannot control its borders does not deserve the respect of those who cross those borders illegally. Let the Republicans offer those begging for “pathways” free knee pads so those appropriately impelled might fall to their knees and thank God the border they violated is the border of the United States of America and not North Korea, China, Saudi Arabia or dozens of other countries, including Mexico!

All illegal aliens should be given three years from the enactment of this law to surface and come clean. All those who fail to do so and are later caught will be deported to their country of origin, only AFTER serving whatever prison term a local judge imposes. Owing to the nature of their entry, they will NEVER be granted citizenship or the right to vote.

America is the major mother-magnet for immigrants. That quality should not be manhandled by “pathways” or other leniencies that fail to value this American achievement correctly. We made ourselves free and prosperous, and therefore desirable and irresistible. We understand the immigrant’s desire to share the American achievement. I may desire that huge diamond in the window of the jewelry store, but that no more gives me the right to walk off with it than it gives any alien the right to walk into America. There are legal ways for me to obtain that diamond. And there are legal ways to become an American citizen.

How dare the Democrats and now the Republicans try to dragoon the Latino vote by being nice to illegal Latinos. I’m Jewish. Do you think you can win my vote for passing nice laws to be nice to Bernie Madoff? Do you think our patriotic Italian Americans can be seduced by nice laws to be nicer to the Mafia? How dare you panderers of BOTH parties use the achievements of our ancestors, whose success made America so magnetic, to troll for votes today from those who share the religion or ethnicity of lawbreakers?

It was earlier noted, correctly, that those who take the legal hard line against illegal immigration often betrayed anti-Hispanic feelings in their tone of voice. This is inexcusable. Equally inexcusable is a political party so eager to get votes by playing the ethnic immigration card that their thrill at the whole procedure shows through. It’s entirely possible to favor Hispanics and the law simultaneously.

This fantasy-legislation we’re brewing here will outlaw “sanctuary” cities where law enforcement is forbidden even to question a person’s legitimacy. And any mayor who tries to “broaden his base” that way will be trying to organize his next fundraiser from prison!

A standup piece of legislation like this might shock whole new waves of supportive voters to the polls. That’s not the point. The principle is the point. When you go down on principle, as least you then have something solid to come back up on.

Hey! Try principles, GOP. You may have beginners’ luck.

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