In last weekend’s column about the built-in absurdity endemic in Obamacare, I stated my thesis that elements within the United States government are making a serious and concerted effort to bring about America’s downfall and that the only way to stop it is to stand in their path, united.

But so far conservatives haven’t done this. That’s why we’re in trouble.

It’s a funny thing. We all agree there is a problem. We all agree that the progressives are politically dominant and the substantial conservative majority is not adequately represented. We all agree that America needs to return to its constitutional roots. We all agree on that.

So what’s the problem? The problem is conservatives are splintered. We quarrel among ourselves over differences in race, religion and other factors. These quarrels are keeping us from joining forces to defeat the progressive takeover of our nation. These divisions among conservatives are carefully cultivated and nurtured by the leftist schools, by the mainstream media and even by the IRS.

Before I go any further, please understand one very critical thing: Republican DOES NOT MEAN conservative. All too often, Democrats and Republicans ARE THE SAME THING. They are two heads of the same snake. Neither side respects (nor even wants) constitutional limitations. Neither side takes action when the Executive Branch gets out of hand. Both sides continue to chip away at the Bill of Rights. When the boot is on our throat, it doesn’t matter if the boot is on the left foot or the right – it’s all the same body. The two-party system is nothing more than a devastatingly effective divide-and-conquer strategy. Liberal progressives unite behind the Democrats. But since there are seldom any elected Republican who are conservatives, conservatives don’t unite.

Pick any progressive candidate, and the leftist factions will rally behind him or her in astonishing numbers, up to and including communists. (“With Democrats facing a real possibility of losing the Senate this November, the Communist Party USA has announced the cavalry is planning to ride to their rescue by helping unite the left and stave off ‘right-wing extremism.’“) [Emphasis added.]

But choose a conservative candidate, and (goaded by the MSM) conservatives will rip him apart because he isn’t perfect and doesn’t walk on water. Instead the most wishy-washy progressive RINO candidates get pushed forward, and then are roundly defeated by the staunchly-united progressives.

The latent, untapped power of conservatives could be massive … if we had representation. But as Kevin D. Williamson pointed out in National Review, “Why did an increasingly conservative electorate elect and re-elect one of the most left-wing administrations, if not the most left-wing, in American history? That seeming paradox may be explained in part by the fact that the American public’s increasingly conservative views are not associated with an increased sense of identification with the Republican Party.” [Emphasis added.]

It is sad – tragic – how so many people share a similar and soulful desire to return America to the ideals of limited government set forth by our Founding Fathers. Yet instead of unifying in these goals, we get goaded by the leftists into making vile, destructive and ultimately counterproductive arguments over issues of race or religion or class. These disagreements, which have no bearing on our struggle for constitutionally guaranteed liberties, always end with hateful personal attacks that cause further division.

If you doubt the truth of these assertions, it’s only necessary to read the reader comments on news and commentary sites to get an idea of how conservatives can argue over the smallest differences – differences which, under current circumstances, should be put aside in favor of addressing the Bigger Picture.

You’re probably familiar with the famous poem “First they came for the Jews …” attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis’ rise to power. Lots of different versions have been created. Consider this one:

    First they came for the conservative Catholics, but I didn’t care because everyone knows that Catholics worship Mary.

    Then they came for the conservative Protestants, but I didn’t care because all denominations except mine are going to hell.

    Then they came for conservative agnostics/atheists, but I didn’t care because they’re all going to hell, too.

    Then they came for the conservative Jews, but I didn’t care because they are all from the Synagogue of Satan.

    Then they came for the Libertarians, but I didn’t care because everyone knows all they want is legalized drugs.

    Then they came for the conservative blacks, but I didn’t care because everyone knows they have below-average IQs.

    Then they came for me. And “they” laughed because all of those with whom I shared common cause for individual liberty and freedom were already gone.

You see? Even though all these different conservative groups may agree about the need for constitutional limitations on government, they’re too busy bickering about everyone else’s skin color or religious creed to ever unify. Then the progressives laugh … and win.

Conservatives are like snowflakes. All snowflakes are different, yet each bears an overriding similarity of form. No one notices when a snowflake hits them. It’s too small, too ephemeral, and too weak to make an impact. It can be easily brushed aside. But what happens when those snowflakes combine and move toward a common goal? It’s called an avalanche. An avalanche is powerful. It conquers everything in its path because all the snowflakes are moving in the same direction at the same time.

Uniting toward a goal doesn’t guarantee that goal will be achieved. But what’s certain is that a goal will never be achieved without unity. Right now the Catholics fight with the Protestants, who fight with the Baptists, who fight with the Mormons, who fight with the Jews, who fight with the blacks, who fight with the whites, who fight with the Hispanics … and on and on it goes, in a merry circle of pettiness, bickering and acrimony.

If we remain divided, we will never prevail. There will be time later to examine and debate our differences. Right now we’re fighting for our survival. But if we continue to stand alone, too pompous in our presumed moral superiority over others to unite with someone who loves liberty but whose church or skin color or economic status is different, then we will lose to those who CAN put such differences aside for the greater collective reward of state slavery.

Something to think about, America, as we head into the midterm elections. We can either hang together, or we will assuredly hang separately.

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