I have come to realize that not only should Obama be impeached simply to highlight his unconstitutional actions as president, but, even more importantly, because we, as the people of the United States, need to show our posterity and future historians that we recognize and formally disapprove of Obama’s lawlessness.

By impeaching Obama, we are taking the lawful and civil means that we have available to us to register and place on record our contempt for Obama’s disregard for our cherished and venerable Constitution, which has enabled the U.S. to become the greatest nation in the history of the planet.

Who are we as a people if we do not demand of our representatives in Congress that Obama be impeached for his high crimes and misdemeanors?

Have we become a nation of political cowards and effete, apathetic dependents of a virtually bankrupt big government, or are we worthy of having been blessed with the responsibilities that come with being American citizens?

Let Obama and the Democrats and the liberal-progressive radicals cry racism all they want. The grounds for impeachment rest solely on the facts, which are well-known and documented in articles by Tom Tancredo and others, and also in the book “Impeachable Offenses” by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott.

We Americans owe it to ourselves, to our ancestors and to our posterity to demand the impeachment of Barack Obama for daring to shred and trash our Constitution – because this is just a test to see how complacent and compliant we will be when our “leaders” tell us that we should bow down to the edicts and mandates of the United Nations.

I urge my fellow Americans to contact their representatives in Congress and insist they stop dragging their feet. There is no doubt, based on the facts, that Barack Obama should have to bear the stain of impeachment, regardless of whether the Senate chooses to ignore the facts or not. Those who ignore the facts and vote to let Obama stay in office will show they are complicit in Obama’s illegal acts and, therefore, should be voted out of office.

Our government is broken because the politicians put themselves and their parties above the Constitution. For us to not hold them accountable to the oath they take to uphold the Constitution makes us just as complicit and just as guilty – and that’s how future generations will judge us.

Ron Godwin

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