It has taken far too long, but the natives in the House Republican caucus are getting restless.

A significant majority now recognize John Boehner does not represent their views – not even close. More importantly, they recognize he is aiding and abetting the criminal enterprise known as the Obama administration.

The speaker of the House is, as I call him, “the Enabler in Chief.”

With a solid Republican majority in the House since the election of 2010, there is much the opposition party could have done and can do to thwart Barack Obama’s attack on the Constitution, his undermining of the economy, his profligate spending, his scandalous use of the Internal Revenue Service to target political enemies, his cover-ups of deadly foreign blunders and, most of all, his unconstitutional birthing of Obamacare.

What has Boehner done on all those fronts? Nothing but enabled through a twisted form of political co-dependency. He’s a facilitator for Obama. He’s a collaborator.

What do I mean?

I’ve said it before many times, beginning in January 2011 when he took office. The House Republicans swept into office by the tea party with expectations they would stand up to Obama. Instead, under Boehner’s direction, through his ham-handed insistence, through his thuggish, arm-twisting leadership, he gave Obama everything he needed – including all the borrowed money he needs through next year!

He held in his hand a kind of political nuclear football he could use not only to stop Obama but actually return Washington to something resembling constitutionally limited government – with one negative vote on raising the debt limit. Instead, he consistently refused to fight Obama. He handed over the nuclear football with a wave of the political white flag. He mau-maued about abuses of the Constitution by Obama but did nothing to challenge them. He refused to expose the IRS abuse in open hearings. He refused to expose Benghazi in meaningful open hearings. He refused to overturn Obamacare by freezing borrowing.

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His ineptitude and allegiance to the party establishment jeopardizes major Republican gains in the House and Senate this year. More and more Americans see Republicans as no meaningful alternative to the Democrats and Obama.

With this in mind, House Republicans have let Boehner know his time as speaker is at hand. But who will follow him?

The man who covets the job is Boehner’s No. 2 – Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

But this really represents no change at all.

Cantor has backed Boehner on every significant issue. He has also been one of the loudest voices in the House promoting amnesty for illegal immigrants.

There are two ways to stop Cantor.

One is to expose him as a Boehner wannabee – which is exactly accurate.

I don’t know if House Republicans understand this reality. Sometimes being too close to the action prevents you from seeing the forest for the trees. Cantor is not a risk-taker. He’s not a street fighter. He’s an establishment Republican focused on his own political career. This is a bad combination to say the least – especially when the future of America is at stake.

The second way to stop Cantor is to see that he is not re-elected.

He’s got a challenge in the Republican primary from a serious candidate – Dave Brat.

“This is probably the first time that Eric has had a credible opponent with a comparable education and background,” said Amanda Chase, Cantor’s former political director.

It won’t be easy. Cantor’s got name recognition. He’s got a big warchest. And he’s got the backing of establishment Republicans like Karl Rove.

But Brat has some things going for him, too. First of all he’s right on the issues. And he’s got some money, too. He’s also smart with a good resume. He’s the chairman of the department of economics and business at Randolph-Macon College and heads its BB&T Moral Foundations of Capitalism program. The funding for the program came from John Allison, the former chief executive officer of BB&T who now heads the Cato Institute. And despite his libertarian leanings, he’s against amnesty – making that one of his top issues in the campaign.

Can Cantor be stopped?

Yes he can. He must be stopped – either by Republican voters in his district or by Republican members of the House who ought to know better by now.

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