(THE YESHIVA WORLD) — Tel Aviv Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau Shlita has sent a letter to the city’s mayor, Ron Huldai, asking him to abandon plans to permit stores in the city to open on Shabbos. Rabbi Lau also turned to the mayor in 2012 when he asked City Hall to reverse a City Council decision to approve a request for public bus service on Shabbos.

In his latest letter, Rabbi Lau explains that opening stores on Shabbos would represent changing the city’s reality that has been in place since it was established 105 years ago. He calls on the mayor to reevaluate taking such a step. In his letter the rav writes that doing so “tears at my heart and I cannot remain silent”.

The rav adds that today many stores already operate on Shabbos R”L and giving permission to operate businesses on Shabbos will “not just result in Chilul Shabbos but the obliteration of Shabbos in the city”.

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