(ABC News) When apples and door knobs are no match for the modern kid’s wobbly tooth, why not use modern technology to solve an age-old problem? One dad in Dublin did just that, coming to the rescue with dental floss and a remote-controlled helicopter to pull his son’s baby tooth.

Adam Swan can now lay claim to what may be one of most famous tooth pulls in history, thanks to a YouTube video that has since gone viral.

The 8-year-old’s dad, Malcolm Swan, told Irish Radio Station RTÉ 2FM on Tuesday that his son initially was adverse to the idea, telling his dad, “No way, no way, you’re mad!”

“He had a very loose tooth the day before Paddy’s Day,” said the father, Malcolm Swan. “About three or four weeks ago, I got my hands on a quadcopter with remote controls, and I just said to him, ‘Oh, come on. Let me pull it out with that.'”

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