Jan Markell and Anita Dittman

A true story about escaping the clutches of a death-bound madman, the new documentary “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell,” will debut at the “Understanding the Times” conference scheduled in Minneapolis April 26 by Olive Tree Ministries.

The video is directed by George Escobar and will be released, along with the book of the same name, on May 6.

It’s the inspirational story of Anita Dittman, who tells of her miraculous survival during the terror of Hitler’s reign just as she was becoming a teen.

First, her mother was picked up by the Gestapo and sent to a concentration camp. Then the jackboots came for Anita.

But God protected her during forced labor in a concentration camp, and He made a way for her to escape and be reunited with her mother. This is a story of hope, survival and God’s miracles.

She explains she tells her powerful story of overcoming the horrors of Nazi work camps during World War II to groups across the United States to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive. She said people need to remember what sort of evil exists in the world.

The book is an updated edition that includes a special author’s note about how the world has changed since the first edition in 1979 and how people must remember the atrocities against the Jews lest history repeat itself.

Her message is to inspire good men to not sit idly by while dictators take control of governments and impose their will on the people.

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Dittman recalls how her nightmares came true.

“Suddenly Hella was racing down the street to meet me as I entered our block, panic and fear written all over her face. Her body shook visibly, and her face was contorted because she was about to break into tears. Curious people stared at Hella, but they kept moving, afraid to get involved. I sensed even before she spoke that disaster had struck our home. ‘Mother’s been taken!’ she gasped.”

The horrors of Hitler are captured in “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell,” a true account of the Holocaust horrors.

Dittman also will be a guest speaker at the Understanding the Times 2014 Conference on April 26 in Minneapolis. Presented by Jan Markell and Olive Tree Ministries, Dittman will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the publication of her story with a new edition released by WND Books.

Markell has authored nine other books. She is the director of Olive Tree Ministries, an informative, cutting-edge news ministry, and is the host of the “Understanding the Times” syndicated radio show heard on over 650 radio stations across America with an outreach to millions.

Pre-order the special “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell” package now!

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