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A “huge victory” has been won in the battle against the homosexual-rights movement, according to a Massachusetts-based group that has been opposing the “gay” agenda for years.

“These days there aren’t too many big pro-family victories to celebrate. But Sunday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston was one of them!” declared Mass Resistance.

The group famously exposed the “Fistgate” seminar in which Massachusetts Department of Education and GLSEN homosexual activists “taught dangerous homosexual sex practices to children.”

Mass Resistance also exposed the case of David Parker, a father arrested after objecting to a homosexual instructional program in his children’s public school.

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade, an annual event, is organized by the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council, which chooses not to allow homosexual promotions.

Activists took the organization to court. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that, as a private organization, the council was allowed to choose which participants to allow in its parade. The sponsoring group said it didn’t want homosexual promotions, and it also would not allow the Ku Klux Klan or Westboro Baptist Church, which had staged protests at U.S. military funerals.

The Boston Globe reported that Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh brought in the pro-homosexual group MassEquality to a meeting with parade organizers to try to convince them to endorse the homosexual message.

But he failed.

The Globe said the talks broke down because parade organizers would not allow signs or clothing with the word “gay” or any declaration of sexual orientation. MassEquality, meanwhile, would not march without those words.

There were homosexuals marching in the parade, but they were under the banner of various organizations that didn’t have an overt “gay” message.

Mass Resistance said in its report that the organizers simply didn’t want to mix in the “gay pride parade” element, noting one need “only look at photos from any ‘gay pride’ parade … to see what you can eventually expect to have.”

This year’s parade “went wonderfully,” Mass Resistance said.

“The organizers stood up to the politicians and the rabid media who tried relentlessly to force them to include overt homosexual activist groups in their traditional Catholic, pro-family parade.”

The report said in the end, politicians and military vets marched in the parade along with representatives of labor unions, small businesses, religious groups, schools and other community organizations.

“Many people don’t realize how enormous the Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade is. This year the parade was nearly two hours long. There were groups marching from as far away as Florida. It typically attracts over three-quarters of a million people, and this year there were at least that many,” Mass Resistance said.

The report said Walsh, “a longtime pro-homosexual advocate,” applied significant pressure to the group.

The group said that the Friday night before the parade “it got ugly.”

Mayor Walsh and parade organizer Philip Wuschke Jr. were both on stage at the South Boston Citizens Association.

“According to an eyewitness we spoke to, Walsh approached Wuschke and began berating him. Walsh told him he’d better agree to include the homosexuals. When Wuschke said no, mayor went up to his face and screamed, ‘You’d better not **** me over on this. Do you hear me? Don’t **** with me.’ And the mayor continued a profanity laden diatribe until someone stepped in and separated them,” Mass Resistance said.

The organization pointed out that the 1995 Supreme Court decision “gave the parade organizers the First Amendment right to decide whom to allow in the parade.”

“In the last paragraph, the justices also stated that the state may not use its powers to coerce them.”

That court statement said: “Our holding today rests not on any particular view about the council’s message but on the nation’s commitment to protect freedom of speech. Disapproval of a private speaker’s statement does not legitimize use of the Commonwealth’s power to compel the speaker to alter the message by including one more acceptable to others.”

Mass Resistance said there is “something profoundly wrong and un-American about presuming to dictate who one must include in one’s private parade.”

“The U.S. Supreme Court understood this by a vote of 9-0. But the Left ignores that, and strives to create a climate of fear and confusion in order to get their way.”

The Catholic League later praised the parade organizers: “The homosexual group which tried to force its way into the parade cared nothing for Saint Patrick or Irish culture, and had nothing but contempt for the Catholic religion. MassEquality wanted to use the parade to promote its own agenda.”

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