Darn, I’m good!

Less than 12 hours after I called for Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to resign, she announced her retirement.

It doesn’t always work that fast. Sometimes it takes days or weeks or months.

This one only took hours.

In case you missed it, on Tuesday night my column titled “How easily the 1st Amendment can die” was published. I used Brewer’s wrong-headed and cowardly decision to veto Arizona Senate Bill 1062, which codified religious freedom protections for the state’s residents, as an example. I also called for her to resign in disgrace for her action.

Less than 12 hours later, she was a political afterthought.

I don’t seriously claim credit for her decision – especially given the timing. I wish I could.

I do, however, suspect she knew her political career was over as a result of that decision. And it was.

Even in the news stories explaining her decision, Senate Bill 1062 was completely mischaracterized. The New York Times wrote: “Late last month, Ms. Brewer was in the national spotlight when the Arizona Legislature passed a bill that would have given business owners the right to invoke religion to refuse service to gays, lesbians and others. She vetoed the measure after a dramatic few days of speculation over what she would do.”

As I suggested in my earlier column, this is total distortion. It’s right out of “1984.” It’s the kind of disinformation you would expect from the old Soviet Union or some other totalitarian state. It’s mind control by a press and popular culture twisted by their own warped sense of morality and inability to see the truth. Read the bill for yourself and see if you can find any mention of gays, lesbians and “others,” whatever that means. There’s no mention of refusing service to anyone. It was a bill to protect the First-Amendment guaranteed freedom of religion – nothing else!

Jan Brewer vetoed this bill because of what people were saying about it, how they were misconstruing it, lying about it, completely distorting its content. That’s why she had to go. She wouldn’t stand a chance of re-election after falling for the political correctness media machine and the pressure of the coercive homosexual lobby, which feigns victimization and persecution at every turn – even when they are responsible for perpetrating the only victimization and persecution taking place.

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To add insult to injury was Jan Brewer’s doing.

She was elected to office as a “conservative Republican.”

She wasn’t supposed to be the kind of politician who would cave to this insidious pressure from the jackals on the left and their friends in the media.

She did.

And that makes her part of the problem – something Arizona voters were probably astute enough to see for themselves.

No, it wasn’t me. I wasn’t responsible for pushing her off the cliff, though I would be proud to be.

She knew the day she vetoed that bill that she was vetoing any hope of re-election.

She had betrayed those tea-party activists who put her in office in the first place.

I had spoken on the same dais as Jan Brewer. I had commended her courage. What happened to it?

I have never been a keen advocate on term limits, but I’m getting there.

Politicians today grow too comfortable in office. Politics becomes a career. They become adrenalin junkies – in love with the power or the perception of power. Even some of the best of them forget why they sought office in the first place.

In any case, farewell and good riddance to Jan Brewer. She wasn’t an exception to the rule. Instead she proved the rule. In this case, she won’t rule any more as a result.

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