Perhaps the very best argument to persuade tea partiers it’s long past time to dump Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., as the Republican nominee for re-election came just a few days ago.

It represents proof positive you can hear with your own ears that Graham is a soft, compromised establishment figure most at home in the disgraceful John McCain wing of the party.

In case you missed it, the incident came immediately after the conclusion of a Senate hearing that heard testimony from Secretary of State John “Unfit for Command” Kerry, who is pleading with Congress to send U.S. Defense Department tax dollars to the International Monetary Fund.

Graham likes the idea. So, as soon as the hearing ended, he bolted out of his seat and ran over to Kerry, apparently unaware Kerry’s microphone was still hot.

“Hey John, good job,” Graham uttered audibly. “Let me know what I can do to help you with Boehner.”

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Graham, of course, was referring to Speaker of the House John Boehner, another worthless Republican establishment cipher who knows enough to oppose the Senate bill to transfer more U.S. taxpayer dollars to an unaccountable globalist racket with extraordinarily bad instincts.

Democrats have been calling out the entire failed George W. Bush Republican establishment to garner support for the bill – from Condoleezza Rice to Paul O’Neill to John W. Snow to Tom Ridge.

Graham told his favorite news organization, the New York Times, “International organizations like the IMF can provide stability at a time we really need it.”

When another friendly-to-Graham news organization asked Graham for comment on the bill, his staff cited a report by another of his dependable news organizations, the Daily Beast, that explained, “Graham said he supported the legislation as it is and would fight to keep the IMF reform provisions in the bill, even though he was not thrilled about taking the money away from the military.”

“If you can let the Ukrainian people know that help is on the way, it doesn’t matter if the bill is voted on two or three weeks from now,” he told the Daily Beast. “But if I had to pick something or nothing, I would say take it out.”

So determined is Graham to meddle in the no-win Ukraine crisis, mangled from the start by Barack Obama, that he would side with Kerry and the interventionists-at-all-costs crowd.

Is this what America needs now? We don’t have enough problems? Do we really need to pick a fight with Russia in its own backyard?

The answer, according to Lindsey Graham, is yes.

Graham, of course, is known for being on the wrong side of virtually every domestic issue facing the U.S. – from amnesty for illegals to enabling Obama spending through the continuation of unlimited borrowing by automatically raising the debt limit.

Though he represents one of the most conservative states in the country, his voting record and his demeanor is one of compromise and surrender.

He’ll even suck up to John Kerry.

If South Carolina tea partiers can’t see through this character, what good are they?

Before this incident, however, polls showed most tea partiers backing Graham in a crowded primary fight in which he commands about 50 percent of the decided Republican vote in which the only hope for liberty lovers is to stop him from reaching the 50 percent, sending him into a runoff with the second highest vote getter.

What’s wrong with tea-party voters?

Graham personifies all that is wrong with the Karl Rove Republican establishment. If Republicans can’t field a better candidate than Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, there’s not much hope for real change in Washington.

Maybe it’s time for some smart super PAC in South Carolina to get on the air with a commercial based on Graham’s candid “Good-job-John” stage whisper.

It’s time South Carolinians got a wake-up call about their so-called Republican senator who has been in Washington far too long.

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