Michael Savage

“They have more democracy in Crimea than we do,” Dr. Savage declared this week after that region voted to join the Russian Federation.

Savage speculated, “If we had a vote of secession here in America on Obama … it would pass by about 80/20,” due to the president’s habit of overriding Congress to impose his will (Free audio).

As for the vice president, Savage slammed Joe Biden for condemning Russia’s “naked aggression” in Ukraine.

“What about the naked aggression of the Obama/Biden ticket?” asked Savage. “What about the destruction of our borders, language and culture, and the naked aggression of flooding the nation with 30 million illegals?”

All this has happened, he added, because the GOP refuses to act like a strong opposition party (Free audio).

Rush Limbaugh

Aviation enthusiast Rush Limbaugh says that too many ignorant “experts” are weighing in on the missing Malaysian airliner. Limbaugh noted that CNN in particular is “loving” this tragedy and devoting too much airtime to the mystery.

Limbaugh told his listeners that his “fear is that whatever happened, whatever the explanation is, is not going to be believed by people. There have been so many cockamamie, out-of-this-world, ridiculous conspiracy theories that a relatively, comparatively simple explanation will not be believed” (Free audio).

Then Limbaugh turned his attention to Obama’s latest weak statement about Vladimir Putin’s action in Ukraine and Crimea.

“Man, that is comforting,” Limbaugh said sarcastically. “So even if Putin nukes up, arms up, we can protect ourselves. If he comes after us in NATO, we can protect ourselves. So after Putin redraws the map, Obama says, ‘You can’t do that,’ … and if you do do that, we can defend ourselves. You know, so screw you! What do you think Putin is thinking of all of this?” (Free audio).

Mark Levin

On Monday evening, Mark Levin was so infuriated by a particular caller that he eventually hung up on him.

The self-described atheist claimed that he agreed with many of Levin’s positions, but objected to the notion that an atheist could never win the presidency.

“So, you’re an atheist, right?” Levin asked. “Okay, great. Can I help you out, pal? This world wasn’t created by atheists. Meaning, this country was not created by atheists.

“The great thing about our Constitution and the great thing about the Judeo-Christian belief system is its tolerance,” Levin continued, adding, “the problem that some of you atheists have is you’re intolerant. You’re intolerant. And you’re a punk. So, get lost. Get out of here” (Free audio).

Later in the week, guest Walid Shoebat told Levin and his listeners that Syrian rebels were mass-murdering Christians in horrific “human slaughter houses” (Free audio).

Laura Ingraham

In an unprecedented development, the brewers of Guinness beer announced that they were boycotting this year’s New York City St. Patrick’s Day parade. Why? Because the organizers won’t allow participants to carry “gay pride” signage.

“Welcome to the new totalitarianism,” Laura Ingraham said on her show. “This is thuggish behavior, though. The idea that if you don’t wear T-shirts or hold placards expressing your sexuality, you’re discriminated against.”

The event organizers, she explained, would just “like to have their parade without sexuality being shoved in the faces of families and children and the organizers who put it on. Big deal” (Free audio).

This week’s guests included author and Fox News host Greg Gutfeld and Rep. Pete King of New York, who also accused gay activists of politicizing St. Patrick’s Day (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

“I could tongue kiss you!”

That was Glenn Beck’s startling reaction to his interview with U.S. Senate candidate Greg Brannon. The host called their conversation “the best interview we’ve had from any candidate we’ve ever been with.”

Beck’s health hasn’t been good for many years, but it seems that he and his doctors are coming closer to diagnosing what ails him.

“So they ran all these tests, and they meet with me yesterday,” Beck told his audience. “And they said, ‘Well, basically, you are being poisoned'” by an unhealthy diet.

“I have to change my diet entirely,” Beck continued. “It is this bizarre string of events that have brought me to this place to where my body is actually, like, eating itself,” and treating certain commonplace foods as toxins, causing pain and inflammation.

He now has to eliminate everything from sugar, milk and eggs to chewing gum from his diet.

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