This is miserable casting. You’ve got no business expecting me to do Clark Gable’s work. But nobody else is doing it, and it must be done.

In an early scene in “Gone With the Wind,” before the Civil War started, a big party was rocking Tara, the plantation inhabited by Scarlett O’Hara. In the library, a gaggle of Southern cadets from a military academy fell into a heated argument over how much better fighters they were than their hated enemies, the Yankees.

“One of us Southerners can whip two Yankees,” said one of the handsome, uniformed cadets. “Are you crazy?” snapped another cadet. “One of us can whip four Yankees!” “You’re both wrong,” insisted a third cadet. “A good ol’ Southern rebel can whip eight Yankees and send the rest of them running and crying for help!”

At that point Rhett Butler, played by Clark Gable, ambled into the library and sternly commanded something like, “Shut up! All of you, just shut up. You talk like a tribe of idiots, and you haven’t got the brains God promised a brass hyena. For one thing the Union has a navy. They’ll blockade our ports and have us eating our own cotton.” Gable continued an angry but rational lecture on all the military advantages in the hands of the North if war were to break out.

In the special election in Florida to fill the seat of the late Republican Bill Young on Tuesday, March 4, the GOP candidate, David Jolly, won by what one conservative relative of mine and many in the conservative media called “a stunning victory.” It was not. It was a squeaker! After five years of Obama-rule, including-but-not-limited-to “Fast-and-Furious,” IRS, NSA, Benghazi, the most dismally failed American foreign policy in memory, the staggering unpopularity of Obamacare, the flight of Democrats all over who not only don’t invite Obama to their state for rallies but run away when he visits their states and a fat column-ful of other Democratic downers, Jolly beat Alex Sink by only 48.5 versus 46.7 percent. The libertarian candidate got 4.8 percent. That should scare Republicans into ringing doorbells, working malls and mending fences, not reaching out for more champagne to uncork.

One of the biggest disappointments of World War II was the failure of the following to break the morale of the German population: massive and effective American and British bombing of German cities, German failure on all battlefronts, the unstoppable grinding forward of the Soviet Russian Red Army and the successful D-Day landings at Normandy. After all that and more, the German morale still held firm.

And neither has the morale of the Obama forces broken. And for good reason. You who are celebrating the signs of impending GOP victory in this year’s elections are looking at things the way they were before Obama-love warped the entire political process in this country. Yes, I know the glory-glow is gone and the Messianic welcome is gone and the automatic thrill of Obama’s presence is gone – but so much remains that fear – not “Whoopee!” – is the wiser GOP reaction.

Obama has succeeded in disaster where Hitler failed. Hitler dreamed of a secret weapon of mass destruction that could win the war for him even after D-Day and the steady Soviet advance.

Obama has that weapon, the mass media, in a way no other president has, not even Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Are you aware there was 100 percent more media coverage of Obama’s giggle-bristling interview with Zack Galifiniakis than there was that the enrollment figures for Obamacare were in the hole beneath the septic tank?

They call it war, folks, even if only one side seems to be fighting. The mass media ignoring Obama’s many failures, setbacks and disasters guarantees him the same advantages the Arabs enjoy over the Israelis. The Arabs can commit inanities, absurdities and atrocities from now on and be ignored and excused by mass media. Israel dare not infringe upon the rights of one Arab to associate with an organization committed to the destruction of the Jewish state.

Victory-nectar champagne is tempting. It looks likely the GOP will hold the House and take the Senate. But Clark Gable was right in the library of Tara, and I’m right in warning about the Democrats’ secret weapon, the media. Never forget, major media’s home address is Obama’s back pocket!

If the elections were held today, I think the GOP would “wave-dunk” the Dems by a wide margin. But the elections aren’t until November. And I fear, based on the narrowness of the “stunning GOP victory” in Florida’s special House election, that desperate Democrats and leftist media can blow away defeat and graffiti in a Democratic victory.

They couldn’t have done it in my father’s time. We were a smarter country then.

Hooray for David Jolly. I’m still worried he didn’t win by more. If you GOP voters aren’t desperate, learn to act that way and campaign that way.

David Jolly indeed won, by 2 whole points. That’s all.

I feel like the president of a corporation, lying in his hospital bed, who gets a note from the chairman of the board that says, “I’ve been authorized by the board of directors to wish you a speedy recovery – by vote of 5 to 4!”

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