I went to see the movie “Noah.” What a piece of trash!

I wished I had known the garbage that was in this movie because I would have not wasted my time or money! This movie mentions God very little. I felt as though it was very demonic.

As a Christian, I felt as though it was a big slap in the Lord’s face. I am telling everyone I know not to go see this movie. What a disgrace to see stone creatures protecting Noah and his family and helping build the ark. It’s far from any biblical passages I have read.

Many foreign countries are abandoning this movie, and I also found out that the producer is an atheist.

I went to see “Son of God” and “God’s Not Dead.” They were wonderful movies.

I truly hope the word gets out about “Noah,” because it’s a horrible movie! I almost got up and walked out. I wished I had!

Brenda Warner

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